Friday, November 14, 2008

Day After Thursday Thoughts

I didn't have enough material yesterday for a full-fledged post; therefore, you all had to content yourselves with my rather light-on-the-substance post about being mentioned on the Ann Arbor Chronicle blog.

But not today!
  • I have had two helpings of coffee today so my brain is going in fifty different directions. Start with a travel mug of home-brewed (aka insanely strong) Roos Roast and then add some work coffee (Starbucks!) on top of that and I feel like I could run 10 miles! Or solve Fermat's Last Theorem! Or figure out cold fusion! OMGBBQ!!11!!!!
  • Last night's RF group run was a good one: five miles.
  • But not as good as what happened immediately afterward: beer! John and I went directly to Ashley's in Ann Arbor for the night of Lagunitas on tap. Hop Stoopid, Cappucino Stout, Imperial Red, Maximus Cask-Conditioned IPA, Lumpy Gravy, Gnarley Wine, and regular IPA. We sampled everything (except the regular IPA, which is a staple in our Beer Fridge) and I ended up getting a pint of Maximus IPA. Then I got a glass of Goose Island Matilda. Hello, yummy! I finished the evening with a wee glass of one of my favorite beers of all time: Lindemans Framboise. People, it is the SHIZ-nit.
  • I was disappointed with the free swag, however; for our patronage all we got were a couple of beer bottle cap magnets from the Lagunitas rep. After hearing about all the cool free stuff Viper got at his recent beer tasting, I was hoping for something more.
  • This is a holiday weekend in Michigan. If you're not from around here, you just wouldn't understand.
  • Today's high: 57 degrees. Tomorrow: up to two inches of snow. Welcome to fucking Michigan! (thanks to Zoomylicious for the awesome illustration.)
  • Further inflaming my ire, an email I sent to the organizers of the Turkey Trot I ran last Sunday regarding collecting my age-group award was rejected for delivery because the email address didn't exist. Or something. People! If you are going to include contact information on your own web site about your own event, MAKE SURE IT'S CORRECT! Sheesh.
  • The University of Michigan is playing Northwestern in Ann Arbor tomorrow. We are attending a Craft Beer in Michigan (aka CBiM) party at the same time. I will probably end up crying into my beer as my beloved Wolverines lose yet another game. *SOB* (first losing season since 1967 WHATTHEFUCK.)
  • Someone did a thesis on the correlation between a full moon and emergency room visits. Conclusion: no statistical significance was found. There are no more ER visits around the time of a full moon than there are at any other time. Myth: BUSTED.
This was a good week for tunes. My latest music obsessions:I gave up on "popular" music about 10 years ago, let my subscription to Rolling Stone lapse in 2005 (don't miss it one bit) and these days the Billboard Top 20 list in the Sunday paper elicits nothing but a quizzical head-cock and thoughts of "Who are these people?"

I subscribe to a bunch of different music Web sites: Pitchfork, Daytrotter, Gorilla vs. Bear, 3Hive, and I'm Waking Up To. And there's always Paste Magazine and All Songs Considered. Between Google Reader and podcasts, I'm always finding something new and cool to listen to. Oh yeah, I also have to give a shout-out to my friend Mr. E (yo, E!) whose musical tastes are almost exactly parallel to mine and with whom I have exchanged scores of songs over the years (remember the Great Mix CD Swap of 2005?). He introduced me to Neko Case, Yo La Tengo, the Postal Service, Bright Eyes, Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley, Great Lake Swimmers, Sufjan Stevens, the New Pornographers, and Andrew Bird, without all of whom life would be less bright and shiny. A world in which I do not know and love "Moving Pictures, Silent Films" (Great Lake Swimmers), "Porchlight" (Neko Case) or "Scythian Empires" (Andrew Bird) is a world I don't wish to consider!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

You've had a lot of caffeine this morning, sister? It doesn't show at all.

Fermat's last theorem is always the one that gets all the press. But what about Fermat's Penultimate Theorem, which tried to quantify the chances of a piece of buttered toast's falling, when dropped, face down? In a vaccuum. It might have been in a carpet sweeper. Not sure. In any case, they say it drove Fermat insane. Drove via the scenic route, through the upper peninsula.

I am old and my musical tastes are ossified and I have not heard of any of these groups you speak of. So ..

Get Off My Lawn.

Marcy's post today will link you to a site that'll tell you how many more Starbucks you can have before they make you DEAD. You better check it.

Viper said...

So I guess Lloyd Carr wasn't the problem after all. Can't wait to see your team lose to the Buckeye's freshman quarterback.

Sorry you didn't get as much free stuff, but I guess that's the price of actually having good beer to taste.

rachaelsdaddy said...

Thanks, I needed a brain attack. I just got finished with reading all about Fermat's Last Theorem and almost understood it. Actually, I read it and thought well duh that makes total sense.
Eitherway, after finishing it I was lured into Euler's conjecture and passed out. I have come to finnally and finished your entry.
What day is it.
Remember that Pi is exactly 3!!!!
Sorry it came to that but I thought that would get your attention.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

rachaelsdaddy, are you mad?! Put down that science pole!!!

Elizabeth said...

Well,"I" introduced Mr. E to Neko Case, so technically I get credit for that one.

Nitmos said...

While I congratulate you on being mentioned in the article, I quietly live in fear that the same may one day happen to me. Especially after I spent a great of time ridiculing a co-worker in a previous post about his flatulence problems.

chia said...

Wow, I'm twitching just thinkig about consuming that much "joe" ;-)

Next beer testing, let me know and I'll come too and offset any dumbassery you or yours can possibly achieve with my own elite ability to make a dork out of myself just breathing and trying to drink at the same time (kidding, I am finally potty trained so I'm not that bad anymore).

I instantly want to check all those new tunes out. Thanks!

Viper said...

You must still be reeling from that loss Saturday. Ouch!