Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Feeling...Electronic

It was a very good week for my downtempo addiction. My music sites were bursting with electronic grooves of the sort which I don't stumble across very often any more (whither art thou, O Massive Attack?)

Gorilla vs. Bear posted a couple of "best songs of the year" lists today (a few days ago it was "best albums of the year") and the result was a few low-key gems.

Sunset: "Man's Heart Complaint" (INSTANT LOVE)
Invisible Conga People: "Cable Dazed"
Salem: "Sweat"

From I'm Waking Up To... :

School of Seven Bells: "Half Asleep" (my song obsession of the week)
Pallers: "Humdrum"

Indiemuse slipped me a little Caribou: "Sandy"

But it wasn't all digital clicks and pops. Daytrotter was in rare form this week.

Damien Jurado: "Ohio"
Takka Takka: "Everybody Say"
Shelley Short: "Swimming"

And one more, again from Gorilla vs. Bear: Alela Diane, "White as Diamonds." Lovely.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I am so old. Thanks for reminding me, Sarah. I don't know any of these people. You crazy kids with your "music"!

I need a brain ensina to flush my brainpan out.

"ensina" is my word verification. Word verification is teaching me so many new words today. Someone should take all the word verification words he gets in a day and build a song around it. Bet you'd download that song.

How long do you let your lager lager? Do you lager it in a cooler place than you do your ales? I try to wait for the winter to do my lagers so the garage is cooler for them to ferment. I really should have ordered lagers this last time, but I went with stout, brown ale and scottish export.

Lagers next time for sure.

Nice talking music with you.

Sarah said...

I don't know any of them either...that's the beauty of RSS feeds and Google Reader! I gave up on "popular" music a long time ago so I have to look elsewhere for new tunes to listen to, and that's where my preferred handful of music sites comes in. I'd never know about any of these weird obscure artists and their awesome tunes if it wasn't for my music sites!

The current bucket of lager was brewed on November 16 and was transferred to another bucket on December 2 for another few weeks of fermenting. It's in the basement which is a comfortable 56 degrees (if you're lager yeast, that is). The ales and the Kolsch fermented in our coat closet upstairs where it's warmer.

Nicole said...

I'm still a popular music/Top 40 gal. David is less than amused when we ride in my car and I have Sirius Hits One on. I enjoy Kanye West and Flo-Rida! He likes to listen to the Jimmy Buffet station and I can only take about 5 minutes of that before I go freaking insane. We compromise on the 80s or 90s channel. I like the new 90s channel that came with the XM merger - they play Bel Biv Devoe!

Jessica said...

I took your advice on "Half Asleep" and am loving it on my run playlist. Thank you, and keep the music recommendations coming!