Sunday, August 26, 2007

Family Fun Run Day!

Yesterday was a day chock full of running. I started by heading out in the morning for my scheduled 6-mile training run. It was uneventful and I finished in 1:04 (10:39/mile average). A few hours after returning home, John, James and I all took part in the inaugural Run for The Rolls 1-mile road race, held as part of the Chelsea Community Fair. The race started in front of the Chelsea fire house, went south on Main St., turned west on Old U.S. 12, and ended across the street from the fairgrounds.

Having already run 6 miles about 3 hours prior to the road race, I wasn't sure how well my body would react to being pushed into exercise once again. I wanted to do it just for the hell of it, really. To see how fast I could go even when tired. The start was staggered and I went in with the probable 8:00/mile finishers. Everyone bolted off like a stampeding herd. This was no "warm up, settle in, cruise along" race. This was an all-out, fast-as-you-can, don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it dash down Main St. I went as hard as I could and lo and behold I crossed the finish line in 7:52! James was right behind me at 8:04 and John was just behind him at 8:08.

We hung around for the awards ceremony. The first place award for each age group winner was a certificate for a free half-dozen rolls from the Common Grill. As you can see from the photo above, I won my age group and thus won a half-dozen rolls! I really did "run for the rolls." John and James each finished second in their age groups. John got a gift certificate for a dessert and beverage from the coffee bar at the Chelsea Gallery. We went there for dessert last night. My rolls certificate will remain on standby until a later date.

What I was most surprised by was how hard I ran and that I only ran a 7:52 mile. The first thing I thought was, "That's all? Holy crap, I used to run sub-7:30 miles in cross country and I never felt like I was running as hard as I just did." I once ran a 7:02 in competition in high school. That was the same day I set my P.R. (23:21). There is no way I could sustain the pace I ran yesterday for a 5K. I busted my butt! I suppose that is all I am capable of right now. Hey, you know, it still got me a first-place medal last week and six free yummy rolls this week. I also suppose that as I continue to lose weight I will be able to increase my speed. When I ran in high school the most I weighed was about 145 my senior year. I'm 30 pounds heavier than that now. Who knows what I could do once I shed these last 20 pounds!

Here we are with the spoils of victory!

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