Saturday, November 10, 2007

Then vs. Now

In March of 2005, shortly after joining the Wellness Center here in Chelsea, I underwent a baseline fitness evaluation. On Wednesday of this past week I had myself retested out of curiosity about how much I have changed myself since I began losing weight and running. I knew that I had lost a considerable amount of weight, but what about all the other things that aren't as easy for me to measure? Thus my fitness re-assessment.

Thursday I picked up my results:

Parameter March 2005 November 2007
Weight (pounds) 220 166
Body Fat Percent 37.3 24.6
Fat Weight (lbs) 82 41
Lean Weight (lbs) 138 125
BMI 33.4 24.9
Resting Heart Rate (bpm) 72 64
Ebbeling Treadmill VO2 Max (mkm) 42 40.7
Curl-Ups (1 min) 54 62
Push-Ups 13 31
Sit-Reach Hip Flex (inches) 21.25 24.25

Obviously, a huge improvement in many areas, especially my weight (loss of 54 pounds), body fat percentage (change of -12.7%), and body mass index (change of -8.5 from "obese" to "normal").

One of the statistics I found most interesting (and kind of gross) was that of the 54 pounds I have lost, 41 of them were of fat. 41 pounds of fat is a LOT of fat. I tried to picture a big quivering heap of 41 pounds of fat, glistening and sickly yellow, and all I did was make myself queasy.

I'm a bit mystified as to how my estimated VO2 max could have decreased despite my greatly improved physical conditioning. I'm suspicious of that number. Still, a VO2 max of 40.7 for a female my age is considered "superior."

I tried to calm myself enough to get my resting heart rate to go below 60, but it didn't. I've measured my RHR in a state of extreme relaxation as low as 52.

My arms are still like wet noodles, though. I didn't put my submax bench press or leg press results on the chart because the Wellness Center changed the testing method for both and the results don't compare. I could only bench press 10 reps of 53 pounds and that was a gigantic struggle. I'm "well below average" in the arm strength category. I don't really care; I'm not out for the bulging bicep look.

In other news, tomorrow is the Tortoise & Hare Turkey Trot in Dexter. One year ago, I ran that race when I was still in the nascent stages of my weight loss and running efforts. I am totally pumped for the "one year later" version. I went for a short, slow jog this morning to keep myself in prime condition. I want to better my time from the Big House Big Heart race (25:28). If I break 25:00 I would be thrilled.


bunnygirl said...

Those are some impressive numbers, although I agree that the VO2 Max looks odd.


Fritz said...

Wow... that's awesome! Congratulations- I bet the tester was also very impressed too! I've done them as well, and typically we saw a year-to-year decrease.

I did a little math, and here's something you can be very proud of- a 40 lbs. loss of fat equals 140,000 more calories going out then coming in.

That's a lot of calories!

I know you've already done the Turkey Trot, so I'm just waiting for the details. I hope it went well!

Congratulations on some awesome improvements!

Tina said...

Congratulations on the improvements! I'm highly suspicious of the VO2 max number, and am personally not a huge fan of the Ebbeling Treadmill Test, at least not for people who are more fit. For people who are more well-trained, I prefer the YMCA Bike Test, which is more intense and IMO, a better indicator of cardiovascular fitness.