Monday, December 3, 2007


I was recently made aware that registration for the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon was already closed. Boy, that was fast. I looked at the race's Web site and saw that registration was open for only two weeks! I'm glad I only waited until 12:20 (20 minutes after registration opened at noon on November 1) to register. I am so fantastically excited to be a part of the race.

You know, they sent me my race shirt already. I'm not really sure why. It's actually a pretty cool shirt: navy blue and white, short-sleeve, tech fabric, the word "DETERMINED" on the back. Kind of reminds me of high-school cross-country T-shirts that say things like "pain is temporary" and the like (I still have all of my high school cross-country team what? 1988 wasn't that long ago).

In other news, I had a very enjoyable 8.5-mile run on Saturday on the paved path at Kensington Metropark. At this time of year and with the weather particulars over the weekend in the area, the path was deserted but for a handful of runners and rollerbladers. Bird life was abundant and weirdest of all some kind of fighter jet made a very low banked pass over the lake. Freaky!


dirtdawg50k said...

Is it really 8.5 miles now? With my goofy Polar RS200SD calibration was never right, and the park never seemed to update their listing. Now that i have the greatest GPS known to man, well at least on the market right now, I need to get out there and test it to see if it is indeed 8.5 miles.

Sarah said...

My own greatest GPS known to man (aka the Garmin 305) said 8.49 miles after we finished our circuit of the path. I suppose we could have walked the extra .01 miles to make it officially 8.5.

I must say, having rollerbladed that same path in the past, that running it is much more pleasant.