Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

Because I have all these things banging around in my head, clamoring to get out...
  • Is it weird that I find the sentence "The most direct experimental signature of a compactified extra dimension would be the appearance of an infinite tower of Kaluza-Klein particles" really exciting?
  • Note to organizers of the Run for the Rolls: I hereby request you change the name of the event to "The Bun Run." (big kudos to the sister of my RF501 teammate Kara for this one.)
  • My co-worker keeps a jar of candy for everyone to enjoy. Recently little boxes of Milk Duds have been added to the mix. I am in so much trouble. (MDs are my favorite candy Of All Time.)
  • You know you're a runner when you keep a copy of your training schedule in your cubicle for easy reference during the day.
  • You also know you're a runner when you have this stuff on/near your nightstand (read photo notes).
  • Well wishes and good vibes are in order for my fellow run-blogger and Michigander Nitmos.
  • John made his first batch of homebrewed beer over the weekend. In two weeks (approximately) we will have our very own beer!
  • Listening to Phedippidations today I heard this: "If you have an opportunity--not a perfect opportunity--and you don't take it you may never have another chance." I took this as a sign I am meant to follow through with my crazy plan to attempt to BQ in the Detroit Marathon.
  • My new Song Obsession of the Moment: Okkervil River's "Lost Coastlines."
  • Today is FINALLY going to be a good day at Weight Watchers weigh-in. I weighed myself yesterday and was pleased. I have also noticed I've acquired a strange angular and sinewy appearance. I think the fat is being vacuumed off my frame. My collarbones and sternum are protruding more than ever. Now, if only I can lay off the Milk Duds...
  • My ankle does not hurt. My ankle does not hurt. My ankle does not hurt. (do you think if I say it enough times that will make it true?)
  • How about that amazing comeback and massive upset win pulled off by my beloved Michigan Wolverines against Wisconsin on Saturday! Go Blue!!


Maggs said...

haha. I have a copy of my training schedule on my fridge (so anyone can see what I'm supposed to be doing) and at work on my desk. People call to schedule a meeting and I check my training plan before my calendar.

Big said...

"The Bun Run." Awesome, and 'G' rated. I keep my training schedule at work and send updates to my coworkers. They don't really care, but I tell them anyway. I have also officially started my "I only talk about my upcoming marathon" program. Unless you ask a question directly related to work, you will get a marathon answer. Thus far the results have been awesome.

Also, Lil and I were at the UofM game, and it was pretty cool, even though I am a MSU fan. Some dude named Mike Phillips, or something like that was there. He had a jersey with “8” on it…I didn’t understand it. ;)

Nothing kills a race faster than heat. So, lets hope for good Fall weather. Stupid global warming is ruining my marathon.

Viper said...

Okkervil River is so good. I have yet to pick up the new album.

Nudles99 said...

I must admit that I had to Google "BQ" to figure out what the hell it meant. That and "taper". I can honestly say that besides the occasional run to the fridge or running to catch one of the cats, I have never, ever run more than a few feet in my entire life (and I have the body and muscle atrophy to prove it.) What you have accomplished simply boggles my mind. I don't even like driving 20 miles!! You amaze me.

Nitmos said...

Thanks for the shoot out! And, by the way, my training plan is stationed to my right in my cubicle right now. It has been there, updated based on each race, for the last 2 years straight.