Saturday, December 6, 2008


When I was at my parents' for Thanksgiving I rummaged around in one of the crawlspaces in their house and unearthed a few boxes of ancient history. I spent a couple of hours flipping through old school papers ("The Story of the Oregon Trail"), old magazines ("1989: The Year in Pictures"), my 4-H rabbit club stuff, and lots of high school cross country memorabilia. I also found, in one of my many sketchbooks (remember, this was back when I thought I was going to be an artist; I spent nearly all of my free time drawing), this pair of sketches.

There you have it, people: my thoughts on running circa 1985, long before running ever became a central part of my life.

In other news, last night John and I had dinner with Big and Lil. They drove down here and met us at the Common Grill where they got to experience first-hand the rolls for which I ran my ass off in the Run for the Rolls. I don't think John was too overwhelmed by all of the running talk. What does one expect when 75% of the people present are runners? LOL. GUys, I hope we see each other again!

I also have to share this awesome picture, taken on the morning of the Detroit Marathon. Thanks Erika!

And this one, which is my favorite picture from the RF501 summer session, and probably one of my favorite running pictures ever. Marie, you rock!

And this is just for my Michigan homies: WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP SNOWING?


girlrunningaround said...

haha, you were a runner even before you knew it! Love the drawings!

I wouldn't mind the snow if it wasn't so damn cold here! Ugh.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Nice pix, sister. Are you instituting a "I Coulda Been An Artist" Saturdays?

It was cold here in NJ today, but a great day for a race! I like running in the cold. Not the snow and ice so much, though.

Yet another of my sisters just moved out to your state TODAY. So now you have TWO Heisenbergs!

chia said...

LMAO... I just barked the same sentiment... this white fluff can stop any time now and it wouldn't hurt my feelings.

Sweet finds in the crawlspace!!!

dirtdawg50k said...

It is not so much as to when is it going to stop snowing, but when will the roads not suck and stop resembling a deathly trap of black ice and uneven surfaces

Nicole said...

Wow, when I was a kid I never knew that running was a "sport", it was just something that kids did! You were ahead of your time.

My drawings and poetry used to get me sent down to the counselor's office because they were very morbid and I think my junior high and high school probably had me under some sort of suicide watch because of them. I used to write a lot about death and I drew intricate pictures of skeletal hands and arms coming out of the graves shadowed by large, looming headstones. Oh, and I wore black all the time.

Yeah, I was a fun teenager.

Nitmos said...

Snow sucks.

That is all.