Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Autumn Splendor

Saturday I hit the roads of the Waterloo Recreation Area for my 20-mile run. I left my house for this ten-mile out-and-back around 9:45 AM. The temperature was about 30 degrees F and the sun was shining in a cobalt sky. It was a perfect day for a run. I had my CamelBak full of water strapped to my waist, my iPhone, a bunch of packets of Gu for mid-run refueling, and my iPod cued to my "Obsessions of the Moment" playlist. (Yes, I carry a whole mess o' shit with me when I go for my long runs.)

Around mile 9 I paused for a moment, completely overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the scenery through which I was passing. I took a picture looking one way down the road and then the other.

This is why I run, folks. Look at this. Just look!

I absolutely love running on this road. It's so lightly traveled that most of the time it's like having my own private trail. The scenery, no matter the season, is beyond compare. One just does not truly appreciate one's surroundings until one takes the time to move slowly through them on foot. I experience so many things I would otherwise completely miss if I were in a vehicle. It's so rewarding.

I believe I would not be stretching the truth when I say my 20-miler Saturday was the most pleasant 20-miler I have ever done. I finished the run at an 8:55/mile pace, which is not the fastest I've ever done a 20-mile run, but I felt so energetic throughout the whole thing, maintained a constant pace, felt completely relaxed and happy, and just enjoyed the hell out of every mile.

NYC is 11 days away. I am SO READY.


Meg Runs said...

Wow, I totally agree with it all. Beautiful. You are ready.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

That is pretty.

Call me a sentimental old Irishman, but sometimes Mother Nature is so beautiful that I just want to stop and slowly, lovingly f*ck her like there's no tomorrow.

I think that's what you're trying, in your own way, to say in the post above.

My way's better.

Me. You. Mother Nature. A three-way. How 'bout it?

O, sorry! NYC in 11 days! No sex for you this close to marathon day.

I guess I get M. Nature all to myself, then.

But good luck in NY!

joyRuN said...

I DID have a comment for real, but then I read Glaven's & can't remember what it was.

joyRuN said...

Oh, right...

Beautiful pics and beautiful 20 miler - NICE!

I carry tonsocrap with me too for long runs. Of course today I'd forget my damn shoes of all things.

kilax said...

What a beautiful trail! And nice in shady too! I just love how magnificent the leaves are when they change colors. The contrast between hues is so inspiring.

Which camelbak do you use?

Jamie said...

Beautiful! I'm glad you had a nice 20 miler. Your posts always inspire me!! Keep it up.

FinnyKnits said...

So great that you could have inspiring moments like that on a 20 mile run - what a boost going into NY!

Meanwhile, if you come back to this trail and Mother Nature has sex hair and is wearing the same clothes as she has on in this picture - you'll know Glaven got to her.

jen said...

Lovely! I love fall. Perfect for running.

Spike said...

you are going to have a great time NYC, and run one of the best marathons in the world (well, that is what they say)!

as long as there will be snacks.

Robert said...

Wow, that is a nice looking road. It's good that you appreciate those spots. I never did before I lived in the city and now that I do I rarely find them...