Thursday, January 10, 2013

Early Morning Thought Process

6:00 AM: Alarm goes off.

Groan. I don't want to get up and run.

Why am I so tired? I didn't feel like this yesterday.

I'll lie here and listen to the local news segment.

I really don't want to get up. I'm so cozy.

I can't flake out on only the third run of my training schedule! What kind of runner am I?

I won't be able to run after work because I'm giving blood this morning and running after donating is a bad idea. I have to do it now or it won't happen at all.

I'll pet Bouhaki. He's right here. Nice warm kitty.

Why am I so damn tired? I was asleep before 11:30.

Local news is over...I really, really need to get up now.  I'll do two miles. Just two miles, that's better than nothing. I need to burn off some of the calories from last night's tapas dinner.

Get up, lazy butt.Get up and run!

I did.


Bri said...

6 1/2 hours of sleep... that's not enough when you're in training

Viper said...

I'm a chronic snooze button pusher. That's the real reason I can't run in the mornings. Well done.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Woman, don't you remember what it was like NOT to be able to run?