Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Little Tuneup

This morning's run was my "short" run of the week: 3 miles. I do this one on the treadmill at the gym and then hit the weight machines afterward. My SOP is to set the treadmill for a more demanding pace than I would normally do outside. I like to see how my strength and speed improves over time. When I resumed running almost a year ago my first treadmill runs were done at a 12:00/mile pace (5 MPH). I like the treadmill because there's absolutely no slacking off the pace I set for myself. I have to keep up or else I'll be crashing off the back of the machine.

This morning I cruised along for 2.5 miles at an 8:27/mile pace (7.1 MPH), then sped up to 8:00/mile (7.5 MPH) for the last 0.6 miles. Yeah, I decided at the last minute to take it to 3.1 miles because I'm running in the Big House Big Heart 5K in Ann Arbor on Sunday (and can I just add HOW FREAKING EXCITED I AM ABOUT THAT???!!!) and I really, really want to at least do it in the low 26:00 range if not sub-26:00. I treated today's workout as a preamble to the race on Sunday to gauge my preparedness. Not bad-- I finished my treadmill 5K in 26:08. I hope on Sunday my excitement will boost me to an even faster time.

Why am I so excited about the BHBH 5K? Why, the race ends ON THE FIELD IN THE BIG HOUSE (aka Michigan Stadium), of course! I get to step foot on sacred ground! I wish it was still natural grass because I would totally have taken a pinch of grass blades and sod to preserve and cherish for all time, much like some kind of religious relic enshrined in a gilded reliquary.

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