Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Really Good Week

Several things:
  • I officially reached 45 pounds total loss at Weight Watchers. 45.2, to be exact.
  • I ran 7 miles on Saturday and it was awesome!
  • I can wear a size EIGHT comfortably.
  • I love vine-ripened late-summer tomatoes.
So, my long run. Seven miles. A full mile farther than last Saturday. I was ready. The distance pushed the limits of my experience. (The farthest I have ever run at once is eight miles.) I was out the door at 7:35 am Saturday morning. It was a gorgeous morning, about 52 degrees and very dry. I even wore pants. I felt really good. I even sped up at the end. It bolstered my confidence and reassured me that the half marathon distance is totally within my reach. After all, I ran over half the race distance and felt fine. What's six more miles?

I went shopping with my mom over the weekend for some new cool-weather work clothes since all of last winter's clothes are too big. That was when I discovered I can wear a size eight, at least in Ann Taylor clothes. The last time I wore a size eight anything was over ten years ago. I was very pleased. I now have a bunch of nice new clothes for work. I hated clothes shopping for a long time because it reminded me of how fat I was. I hated the size 16-18s, hated seeing myself in the mirror, hated not being able to shop at certain stores because they didn't carry clothes past size 14. Now all of that has changed. I enjoy clothes shopping because I look good in what I put on my body. I have an actual waist again! And my runner's legs...whoo boy, bring on the skirts.

My neighbors have a bumper crop of tomatoes. They told me I could pick some while they were out of town. Can't let them go to waste, can we? Friday afternoon I took a bowl across the street and filled it with several different varieties of tomatoes. I was eating cherry tomatoes straight off the vine. I was rolling my eyes they tasted so good. I chopped up a couple of them to use as a topping for our dinner Friday night (Weight Watchers tacos). I took some Roma tomatoes to my parents' and we ate them on open-face Italian farmhouse sandwiches. I used some more in last night's gumbo. I have cherry tomatoes on my lunch salad today. I love fresh ripe tomatoes!

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