Wednesday, February 27, 2008


As much as I dislike running indoors, I must say that using a treadmill for my interval workouts is excellent at forcing me to maintain a specific pace. Yesterday I did four half-mile repeats on the treadmill at my gym. I did each one at a 7:30/mile pace with a quarter-mile rest interval in between at a 12:00/mile pace. Once I jacked the treadmill up to 8.0 mph, I had to keep up or I was going to get into a nasty accident. No chance for slacking! Running at that speed was difficult but not exhausting. Before I knew it the workout was over and it was time for...

...WEIGHT WATCHERS. After last week (and the week before) I was ready to see something different on the scale (or there was going to be A Scene at the meeting). I was rewarded with a one-pound loss. That is not as much as I wanted but at least I went down and not up.

I am back on track for my first mini-goal, which is to get back above 60 lbs lost (2 more lbs to go). Second mini-goal is to weigh 155 lbs (63 lbs lost). Third, 65 lbs lost. Followed by weighing 150 lbs (68 lbs lost). A couple more mini-goals and I will finally be at my final goal of 75 lbs lost, weighing in at 143 lbs. I have to think of it this way, as a series of small steps that accumulate into one big step. Otherwise I get disgruntled, discouraged, unmotivated. "It's too much, I'll never get there! I might as well just eat an entire pizza!"

No. One tiny increment at a time. That's how I got to where I am now in the first place. I haven't lost 58 pounds...I lost one pound 58 times.

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