Monday, February 18, 2008

Something New and Delicious

Last week I read something in a book that immediately made me sit up and take notice. Una buona forchetta, I read. "A good fork." A person who loves food. A person who loves to cook and eat. Despite what you may have read on this blog, I still love to eat. I love cooking. I love taking a disparate collection of ingredients and creating something wonderful from them with my hands. Thus it is I have started another blog, a blog devoted to cooking and food. Accordingly, I have dubbed it Una Buona Forchetta. I don't know how often I shall update it, but I cook from scratch almost every night. Not every meal is a masterpiece, however. I confess I do my share of "just cut this up and throw it in a pot" cooking. Either way, if you're a foodie, please visit my food blog!

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