Thursday, July 17, 2008

8 Before 8

This morning I did the first of what will be many 8-mile runs before work. I got up at 5:35 which is insanely early for me and was on the road before 6:00. I have to say, it was rather nice being out and about so early. The temperature was very agreeable, unlike this afternoon's projected high of 92 degrees. The roads were mostly empty. The birds were in full morning voice and I even passed a house with a rooster somewhere in the back that was crowing frantically. In order to squeeze in my 8 miles I had to come up with a new route around town, so I swung out into the country past the high school, through a couple of subdivisions, and then back onto my normal path through the cemetery and past the Jiffy Mix plant. It was no trouble at all and I even got a short cooldown walk at the end. I am pleased with my new route and I will be happily doing it many times over the next two months.

8 miles

In other news, yesterday I had the opportunity to meet the fabulous TK in person. She's in Ann Arbor on business and we managed to meet up at a local hotspot for drinks and dinner. I am perpetually amazed at the way the Internet has brought into my life people whom I would otherwise never have known. I have made several good friends in this area that I met online. I think the Internet was the best thing to ever happen to a somewhat antisocial introvert like me who has difficulty making friends. I wish TK and I could have gone for a run together but it just wasn't meant to be this time...though we've already discussed how and when we will see each other next!


Viper said...

That sounds dreadful. You morning people are out of your minds.

Sarah said...

Am I..? How many posts have you made about how awful it is running in the middle of the day? I rest my case for morning running. I'd have to be insane to go running right now. It's 90 degrees out there! Bleah!

Besides, you get up at 5:45-6:00 enough, you kind of get used to it. Takes a while, though.

Additionally, enough coffee, strategically ingested, will perk up anyone.

bunnygirl said...

I have to get up that early, too. Even though I'm really a night person, it works out okay because I've had to get up early for so many years that it's habit. Besides, I can always take a nap after work. :-)

And ITA about the web beign a godsend to us interoverts.

Viper said...

I only write that stuff to make me seem more like a god. It's only 88 here. Should be good in two hours when I get out there. Cheers!

Sarah said...

Bah...well, enjoy(?) yourself. I'm going to be sucking down a couple-two-three cold brews while enjoying my dinner from the world-famous Manchester Chicken Broil.

Don't melt into a puddle.

pigtailsflying said...

Sarah!! So wonderful to meet you in person too. Have been thinking about you all day, in between business meetings. You didn't seem introverted to me at all... Can't wait to run with you, it will happen one day I know it! Am off to PACIFIC RIM now... xo.

chia said...

I'll be over your way all weekend. Drop me a line if you have a minute for another bloggerly meet :-).

I'm an a.m. runner too, it just can't be beat!

Nitmos said...

Try not to wake us late sleepers up on your morning runs. You do more before 8 AM then I do all day. Someone should use that as a marketing cmapaign!