Friday, July 25, 2008

The Six Word Race Report Challenge

Edited to add: Boy, the Six-Word Running Memoir certainly has taken on a life of its own! Now it's part of Runners' Lounge Take It And Run Thursday.

TK over at Pigtails Flying issued a challenge to her readers to come up with a six-word race report in the vein of Not Quite What I Was Planning. I was only supposed to write one in the comments, but I got rolling and couldn't stop...

(I'm only posting them here because TK said I had to and I can't say no to a fellow runner! (especially one as awesome as she))

(Also, yes, I know this is the second post in a row for which the idea thereof was stolen from someone else. I clearly don't have an original thought in my head.)

Dexter-Ann Arbor 10K and A Most Excellent Race 5K: “Personal records fueled by alcoholic beverages.”

Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon:
“Seven hour drive, sub 2-hour PR!”

Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5K:
“32:58 in 2006, 25:01 in 2007.”

Run For The Rolls 1-Mile:
“Won age group, six delicious rolls!”

Big House Big Heart 5K:
“Finish inside Michigan Stadium? I’M THERE!”

Meteor 10K:
“First 10K race means automatic PR.”

Shamrocks and Shenanigans 5K:
“Broke high school PR. I ROCK!”

I could also have said of this race: "Free beer glasses at finish: awesome!"

Detroit Half Marathon 2007:
“First half marathon. I did it.”

I imagine my six-word race report for the Detroit Marathon (which hasn't happened yet) will be something like "What the hell was I thinking?"


Viper said...

Nice reports. I wholly support this minimalist approach to race reports. Seriously, who wants to hear my mile-by-mile rundown of any race distance? Lucky for them, my memory isn't that sharp.

pigtailsflying said...

Hello darling.
Here's mine for Disney World Marathon 2008:

Mickey, may I stop running now?

bunnygirl said...

Cool idea! I don't race often, but I may try this approach when I do-- maybe start with the six-word summary and follow up with detail for those who like such things.

I gave you an award on my blog. Stop by at your convenience!

Jenn N Butter said...

Hello fellow michigan runner. I am new to the sport and still working on developing those running "skilz" but I am loving it non the less. I am putting you on my daily hit list because i loved your post about the conversation with yourself. I have those conversations all the time but I don't always win them as efficiently as you did.