Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nike Fit Dry: Not Just for Special Occasions!

You know you're a runner when your running wardrobe starts bleeding into your "regular" wardrobe, to wit:

Today I am wearing one of my beloved Nike Fit Dry base layer shirts under a scratchy wool sweater. I needed something long-sleeved, close-fitting, and not too heavy since it is, after all, a wool sweater. The Fit Dry shirt was perfect in every way.

Next thing you know I'll be wearing Smartwool socks with my Dansko clogs.

I don't think my workplace is ready for the stealth bomber outfit, however.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Know how else you know you're a runner?

When you run - which I haven't done since Dec 6.

But ... this weekend, maybe, Dog Willing.

I have an itchy wool sweater I got in Ireland back in 1989, and I can only wear it when I have certain thick shirts on. But that sweater is great and it STILL looks brand new.

That sheep did not suffer the embarrassment of having to walk around naked in front of the rest of the herd in vain.

joyRuN said...

I wear my tech shirts under my scrubs all throughout the winter. Running dork is me.

Tess said...

I wore my running tights under my jeans to the bar last night. :)

Spike said...

I much more prefer the short-sleeve race shirt over the long-sleeve race shirt in public. It lets people know that I'm faster than them. I reinforce this by pushing my cart full of groceries much faster than is publicly acceptable.

tfh said...

Mmm, Smartwool + Dansko. If I edited a fashion magazine, that's all you'd see.

Sarah said...

Spike-- I wear my official Detroit Marathon jacket everywhere. Even in situations where it's clearly not called for, or borderline appropriate. Because I finished a marathon, dammit, and I'm not shy about letting EVERYONE know about it!

Viper said...

I've been known to rock the tech wear under normal clothes ... sometimes you just need that wicking layer.

Kirsten said...

I ONLY wear Smartwool socks. AND Dansko clogs (or Keen sandals in the summer, but then sans socks). I don't wear Smartwool running socks with my clogs, but their casual socks cannot be beat. I am a total Smartwool ho.