Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bring on the Ben & Jerry's!

My first relay leg is complete. 7.9 miles, an hour and ten minutes and change. I was slowed considerably by the hills. Oh, those hills! There's nothing like them in Michigan. My legs felt like rubber. But it was such gorgeous countryside, I couldn't be upset. Plus, I ran through a covered bridge!

My van of six runners finished our legs, and now that we're "off duty," we're taking it easy. The big exchange took place next to the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters plant. It smelled amazing, and of course I got some coffee. And then...the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory! Really! Now, if I can have a pint of beer before my next leg, this will be the best race day ever.
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Emma said...

I painted a mural of the Ben & Jerry's cows on my kitchen when I returned from a vacation in Burlington, which obviously included a trip to the Motherland (a/k/a B&J Factory).

Burlington has some good brew. Might I suggest a Magic Hat #9?

Kirsten said...

Coffee...Ben & Jerry'! OMG, that would be like the runner food Nirvana trifecta!

Glad things are going so well. But that hills thing--I can sympathize. I wish I didn't have to drive just to find small ones. I know running hills would make me a better runner, but there just aren't very many in these parts. Keeps me from considering any hilly marathons.

MCM Mama said...

Great job on a hilly leg. Sounds like a fun time.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Yeah, those hills'll get you every time.

But still you kept a great pace.