Sunday, June 28, 2009

Green Mountain Relay Pictures!

Assorted pictures from my GMR experience. I took most of them but I "borrowed" a few from my relay teammates if I thought I looked halfway decent in them. Plus I wouldn't have any pictures of me actually running if it wasn't for you! Thanks, guys. :)

Bouhaki helping me pack for the trip. Kitty help is always appreciated...mostly. He was removed from my pajamas shortly thereafter, but immediately moved to some running clothes.

At the starting line in Jeffersonville, Vermont, on Saturday morning.

Receiving final instructions from our fearless leader.

The mighty warriors of Van One: Thomas, Eric, TK, me, Tamar, and Connor.

All dressed up and nowhere to go...except run 7.9 miles through the Green Mountains!

The covered bridge I ran through on my first leg, which was the whole reason I chose my place as Runner #3. It was lovely.

Midway through my first leg.

There I go, blazing off down the road...up yet another hill...

Passing over a small river on my first leg. What do you see here? ROCKS! OMG ROCKS!1

Scenery on the road during my first leg.

All done with my first leg and very tired and sweaty! The "sweat seat" in the van lived up to its name.

Flowers on the town commons at one of the exchanges.

Enjoying ice cream at the Ben & Jerry's factory after our van went "off duty."

Peonies outside the Old Hancock Hotel in Hancock, where we ate dinner Saturday evening.

At the evening van-van exchange, waiting for Runner #12 to finish so we could get back on the road!

Making hay in the fading summer twilight.

Ready to get it on with my third and last leg, about 5:45 Sunday morning.

I'm not sure what, exactly, I'm looking at here...probably a map.

I ran alongside this river for most of my third leg. Its musical gurgling was my accompaniment.

Morning mist over the forest.

Finishing my last leg! Go, Eric!

Me and TK posing in our Dump Runners Club headbands at the Winhall Highway Maintenance Facility. I am finally a full-fledged member of the DRC.

The Van One comrades, after we were completely done. When's breakfast?

1: I was in geology heaven for the entire trip; I hadn't seen so many rocks since I was in graduate school. On the way back to the city I completely freaked out when we passed this roadcut. I mean, I yelled and frantically fumbled for my iPhone to take a picture and then nearly cried when I missed my opportunity.


MCM Mama said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like a ton of fun!

bunnygirl said...

Great pictures! I just love Vermont. Have you ever done the Covered Bridges Half Marathon? You'd love it.

Robert James Reese said...

Great photos! It's fun seeing what Van 1 was up to...

Again, good meeting you this weekend!

Spike said...

congrats on two years blogging, the traditional gift is cotton, so I'll try to get you a race t-shirt, that should come in handy.

Anonymous said...

I am now looking forward to my planned Florida coast-to-coast relay even more. Sunrise to Sunset Relay, here we come! I can't wait to run 180 miles!

Anonymous said...

Nice towel, Eric!! Yes, he was wearing shorts under the towel.

Great pics, makes we want to run it again next weekend.