Friday, September 25, 2009


You know you're a runner when someone asks you what you're doing this weekend and the first thing you say is, "Well, I have to run 18 miles on Saturday morning..." and then you completely draw a blank on anything else.

Actually, that's not exactly true; this is my "Weekend Indie Rock Doubleheader of Awesomeness," in which I not only have Grizzly Bear in Ann Arbor tomorrow night, but tonight I am attending a sold-out show of the one, the only, the incomparable, the wonderful Sufjan Stevens. Thanks to the miracle of Craigslist, I scored a ticket to this show only a couple of days ago. To say I am excited WOULD BE THE UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE DECADE.

Best wishes to Viper in his quest to break the four-hour barrier at the Akron Marathon tomorrow!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...


Ooooooo, sorry! But WRONG!

Because this was also the decade Dubya said:

"I'm the master of low expectations."

And that beats your understatement out by ... well ... quite a bit.

Enjoy the concert anyway!

bunnygirl said...

Well, I have to run 18 miles on Saturday morning...

LOL! I usually end up sleeping most of the afternoon because of my Saturday long runs, making it hard to have a social life. People just don't get it that by 3pm I'm ready to hit the hay!

Payam said...

You know your a runner when you openly talk about blisters and bodily functions with strangers.

In other news, I just rocked a sub 6 mile.
How was the long run? Imagine it with a million+ screaming spectators.

Payam said...

Also, good luck Viper. How'd you get a cool ass nickname like that?

Jes said...

I can't wait to hear about the concert!

If you've never checked out Florence and the Machine, you should. They're awesome, too!

Carolina John said...

hope the concert went well and the run did too!

Christina said...

I love your comment about drawing a blank after talking about my long run. My long runs are such a focus for me that everything else is "extra". I usually have to find something else to say because non-runners don't understand running 18 miles. Hope you had a great time at the concert.

Michelle said...

I dig Grizzly Bear. It is nice to meet you by the way!!!

Hope you loved the concerts. Your blog is cool!!!