Friday, December 25, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

I woke up this morning intending to run the Second Annual Christmas Day 5K, which means I wanted to run 5K as fast as I could on the roads near my parents' house.

Instead, I'm sitting in this increasingly chilly house nursing a beer (Bell's Oracle Double IPA) and reading a succession of New Yorker magazines because at about 11:00 am the power went out. About half a mile away a transformer blew up, throwing a huge wrench into hundreds of folks' Christmas dinner plans, including ours.

The reason I didn't go running didn't have anything to do with the lack of electricity; instead, at 8:30 am I peered through the blinds at gale-force winds, sleet, and 33 degrees and thought, "Hell, no." Kona coffee and opening presents with the family sounded much more appealing.

All is not lost, however. My six-pound pork loin roast (from my hog) will end up on a dinner table because we are packing up and moving the festivities to my brother and sister-in-law's house about 15 minutes away. A hot shower and working stove await.

Meanwhile, I continue to engage in the only activities available to me: reading and drinking beer. It's not so bad after all.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
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bunnygirl said...

I'm glad you found another plan. Sometimes one has to be flexible.

Merry Christmas!

Christina said...

I would stay in too and not run.

Merry Christmas!

Burt said...

Way to roll with the punches.

Viper said...

That's why we have the DNB designation. Sometimes it's best to say "fuck it." Cheers!

Morgan said...

I'm glad you were able to relocate to electricity! Way to sell the north to me there SunRunner! LOL! :)

Robert James Reese said...

Hope you enjoyed the non-race. Sounds chilly. Happy New Year!