Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yesterday evening: bundled up and out on the sidewalks of Jackson Rd with my Thursday Night Gang (yes, I know yesterday was Tuesday, but we ran then because of the holiday tomorrow).

Temperature: hovering around 18 degrees. Calm. Jacket of Wonder doing its job. Feeling good. We ran east to Fellow Gang Member Larry's workplace, one of the auto dealerships near Wagner Rd. A local radio station was on site and was giving away vouchers to local businesses. The eight of us entered en masse, breathless and red-cheeked after two miles. We presented an incongruous sight standing in the showroom. As I removed my gloves, one of the salesmen approached me and my Fellow Gang Member Lorenda and said in that voice (the same voice in which that guy asked me if I'd been running "the whole time") I've come to know so well:

" do know it's only like 20 degrees outside, right?"

See: Title of this post.


Jon (was) in Michigan said...


I love these kinds of posts. I know exactly where you are talking about. I miss being there so much. I've never missed living in someplace so much that wasn't quite home, yet felt like it was.

Morgan said...


And you were like;

"Really? No Way?!?!? I TOTALLY didn't know!"

Right? Cuz I mean surely you couldn't have known how cold it was. I mean why would anyone ever run in that weather right...

MM said...

Too funny. Too cold for me, but too funny.

Sun Runner said...

@morgan: you may snark, missy, but you may find yourself back here soon enough...;)

For the record, I knew exactly how cold it was, which is part of why the incredulous salesguy's remark was so funny.

Lorenda said...

He (or somebody) also said something about it being dark.
We were wearing winter running clothes, hats, gloves, reflective vests and head lamps--so, yeah, I think we were aware of the temps and darkness levels!!