Friday, August 19, 2011

In praise of true friends

It has been three months since the Calf-Shredding Debacle of 2011. Throughout this ordeal there has been one person who I knew would be there to listen to my every gripe, moan, and whine, one person who knew exactly how I felt: the Redhead. Girl, I might not be able to say it properly (what's that? an introvert having trouble expressing emotions? you don't say!), but being able to commiserate with you online and IRL has been the difference between abject despondency and manageable exasperation. I may have put on a brave face...but the past three months have been exceedingly difficult. Thank you so much for everything. WE SHALL OVERCOME.

The girls (Redhead and myself) taking the girls (Leela and Brownie) out for a 14-mile spin in Dexter

Oh yeah, that sexy brown bike in the picture? That's Brownie, my gorgeous girl, my $120 Craigslist find, the bike I've secretly always wanted but never had because I thought people would make fun of me (seriously). She's a 1960s vintage Schwinn Collegiate cruiser, five speeds, a few creaks and squeaks, but she rides smoothly and I love her. I have ridden Brownie more since I got her in mid-July than I rode any bike for the previous 8 years. My new favorite thing is to go out for 4-5 miles in the evenings when the sun is setting and the streets are quiet.

I also look a bit browned up because I was on vacation the last week of July. I went back to Cape Cod with my family. I hoped I would be able to run while I was there; sadly, that was not meant to be. I did, however, attach Brownie to the back of my car and haul her 900 miles so I could ride her, which I did, extensively.

The rest of the time was spent doing this:

I can guarantee you that is not coffee in that mug.
My greatest concerns all week were:
  • shifting my beach chair as the day wore on in order to remain in optimal sun-baking position
  • getting up to take a swim in the ocean if I became overheated while roasting in the sun
  • picking up my mug and discovering it was empty, whereupon I would go into the house and fix myself another vodka tonic (or gin and tonic)

I also plowed through all of A Game of Thrones and part of A Clash of Kings. Reading, bike riding, walking with my mom, drinking beer and other assorted booze, eating fried clams and was a wonderful vacation.


Holly @ RUST BELT RUNNER said...

Lake Michigan? Sigh...

Morgan said...

You know I'm an emotional basket case these days, why must you make me cry with your love?!?!??!

But for reals, I honestly don't know what I'd have done without you sometimes, you've seen me on some rough days and we've commiserated our way through a few months together like champs. Glad you're getting back up and running and thank you for everything you've been/done for me the last few months!!!

Also, Leela would like another date with Brownie soon, maybe the week after next?

TNTcoach Ken said...

Aw, I almost cried too, I'm out of beer.

Angela said...

I just read about your calf-shredding debacle. LAME! As someone who couldn't run for several months because of an injury, I feel your pain. And your PT. Yay for biking!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Brownie looks kinda black in that pic. Not that I judge bikes on their color. Still, I would never elect a brown or black one president because the brown and black bikes tend to be secret Kenyan Muslim Socialists, which is NOT racist, it's just a fact and blargle-blargle-blargle LOWER MY TAXES!1!

I myself just got me a bike. Prefer riding to running any day of the week.

Beer-drinking vacations at the beach are the best.