Saturday, July 28, 2007

Run Report: Saturday Long Run

Today was another 5-mile run. I wasn't relishing doing my 5.37-mile loop again so I fiddled around with Map My Run and came up with a route around Chelsea that is exactly 5 miles. I named it "5 Miles Around Chelsea." God, I'm creative!

I was feeling a little foggier than normal due largely to my having attended the Michigan Summer Beer Festival on Friday evening. 35 Michigan breweries, over 100 different was worth a little morning-after cottonmouth.

So I started out slowly, testing the waters, so to speak. After the first mile I felt good so I relaxed and fell into my normal pace. Around mile 3 I felt so good I picked up the pace a little. I kept that up until the end. 51 minutes total, nice pace of just over 10:00 per mile.

It was okay, weather-wise, but not as nice as it was last weekend. Today is very humid and warm. Typical Michigan July weather. I was absolutely drenched with sweat. The entire front of my T-shirt was soaked. When I got home I peeled it off as fast as I could. I could have wrung it out in the sink, it was that wet. I wish I didn't sweat so much. I know it's a sign that my body is very efficient at doing its job of keeping me cool, but, damn, sometimes I wish it would just scale back a little.

While I was out on Dexter-Chelsea Rd. around mile 2, I had to pass by the horrible Pulte Homes megasubdivision that sprouted like a clump of poisonous mushrooms on former farmland a couple of years ago. Ugly, stupid, cookie-cutter cheap-ass houses with no character. I gave "Heritage Pointe" (the utterly pretentious name bestowed on this nightmare) a hearty two-finger salute as I passed by the subdivision entrance.

It's lunchtime now and I am completely starving. The engine needs fuel!

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