Friday, April 4, 2008

True Grit

Yesterday during some random running blog meanderings I stumbled across YARB (yet another running blog), this one entitled Frayed Laces.

This woman experienced an injury so ghastly, so horrible, so unbelievable, I would never wish it even on someone in my age group who is about to finish one second in front of me to win our age group in any race. I wouldn't wish this injury on anyone, ever, under any circumstances.

Her pelvis broke due to a stress fracture DURING A MARATHON and she kept going and finished the race.

I can't even put into words how in awe of her I am. I probably would have collapsed in a heap.

My confession? I'm absolutely terrified of getting a stress fracture. It's my worst nightmare. I think every little twinge is an incipient stress fracture. I'm currently obsessing over the state of my right shin. It doesn't hurt...there's just...a weird little feeling there. It does not hurt or bother me during my runs, however. I've done enough research to know I should be feeling some degree of pain during a run if I was developing a stress fracture.

In other news, tomorrow morning is the Meteor 10K in Dearborn, Michigan, a race in which I will be running. My very first 10K race! I'm 100% guaranteed to get a PR!

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bunnygirl said...

I had a running friend who broke the neck of her femur at around mile 20 of the Chicago marathon. She made it to mile 25 before her friend forced her into a medical tent where they refused to let continue.

One of her friends wrote to the race director, who was so impressed that he gave her a finisher's medal anyway.

But FWIW, most injuries of that nature have some kind of warning. They're not random, even if they seem like it. ;-)