Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I just turned 35...

Which is why I find this post so unbelievably hilarious. I was laughing out loud. I was wiping away tears, people.

My contribution:

I remember when the Internet came to my college (1994) and everyone said, "You gotta check out this 'Netscape' thing! It's amazing!"

When the new hot singles came out on 45s and everyone rushed down to the nearest Tower Records to snap them up.

The Commodore 64 with the tape deck on the side. Woah!

My first radio only received AM.

My first Walkman only had fast-forward capability, no rewind. To "rewind" a cassette, I had to flip it over and fast-forward. Oh, and the thing was about the size (and weight) of a brick.

Anyone remember Outback Red? Or Forenza?

I sold Girl Scout cookies for $1.25 per box.

I feel old.


Maggs said...

I'm almost 37....I lived in Outback Red in high school. I think I used my entire paycheck from TCBY on the stuff. Took me a while to remember it though. My first computer as a freshman in college in 1990 didn't have windows. Just DOS. It was bigger than the suitcase I packed my clothes in. My first email with my dad was in 1994 and you had to type all this SMTP stuff in the address.

jen said...

Awesome- I love this kind of stuff. :D The ones on there that I can really remember are - having a black and white TV - getting a microwave and it was a huge deal- remote controls having cords - begging for call waiting - recording radio onto tapes... and tons more. Hilarious!!

raulgonemobile said...

I had one of those Walkmans. :)

Yeah.. there's the PC Jr, with the cartridge slot in the side. The TVs with the two dials UHF/VHF.. etc.

BeachRunner said...

At 43, I remember all that and then some. (woo hoo)

Playing "pong" on Atari.

When Sega Genesis introduced the Sonic game.

Having a Cassette Player/Boombox

Buying vinyl albums at the local "record store"...

Kristin said...

I am eight years older than you. I remember when all the jeans were "wide-legged," and the fashion revolution when people started wearing "straight-legged" jeans in the early 80's. (And now I prefer boot-leg & flared!) In college I took a computer programming class in BASIC but still typed my papers on my Brother electronic typewriter which I loved because it was correctable. And Tower Music was still called Tower Records (even though they sold mostly cassettes, along with this new thing called a "CD"). Also, that's where we rented the VCR for our dorm's video movie nights. :)

Kristin said...

And I got so distracted thinking about the 70's and 80's that I forgot to say, Happy Birthday!

Nitmos said...

Happy 35th!

My dad made us stand next to the TV - which was missing the dial - and turn the channel with a pair of pliers until he was happy with the selection. Then, before we sat down, we might as well get him a beer. Good times.

Anonymous said...

No feeling old! I'm 36 in two months! We are in the prime of our lives! We rock!