Friday, January 30, 2009

NOT According to Plan!

It was supposed to be a nice evening out on the town, starting off with dinner at the Blue Nile and followed by the Chanticleer concert. I drove to my friend P's house nearby after work to pick her up so she could accompany me to dinner; I was going to attend the concert by myself. (You may ask: Why didn't' your husband go with you? Well...the phrase "men's a cappella ensemble singing American folk and jazz songs" should be a tiny indication of why I was by myself.)

Things went awry almost immediately. I had to pause in my backward trajectory out of P's driveway because of a stream of oncoming traffic and when I began to move again...I didn't. My useless POS tires bumped up against that berm of accumulated ice and snow that is deposited at the foot of every driveway from passing snowplows (don't you just love how you can spend 2 hours clearing your driveway only to have a plow push a two-foot-high wall of snow across it in about two seconds?) and I could go no further.

Much swearing, shoveling, spinning of tires, spreading of cat litter, driving over floor mats, sliding, getting stuck perpendicular to the driveway, and having the ass end of my car hanging out into one of Ann Arbor's busier roads later, I called for a tow truck. That sucker wasn't going anywhere. Oh, and, have you ever tried to do something like this in a stick shift car? Yeah, that significantly increases the annoyance and difficulty factor. I'm surprised I didn't set my clutch on fire.

My poor little car, mired in snow; this position was an improvement over the wedged-crossways-between-snow-piles predicament in which I found myself earlier.

After tow truck-enabled extraction. Sometimes I miss my four-wheel-drive Jeep Grand Cherokee with the giant burly tires.

By the time P and I were back in the car and pointed in the right direction, it was almost 7:30. The concert started at 8:00. Neither one of us had eaten dinner; we were both starving. I was so mad I could hardly see straight, my left calf muscle was throbbing from working the clutch so hard, and my head was pounding due to a nasty cold that flared up over the course of the past two days (putting my plan to run the Frozen Blueberry race tomorrow in jepoardy). I said, "Let's just go eat. I don't care about going to the concert anymore." The tickets were good for 20% off our meal at the restaurant and I didn't want to pass up that bargain. We went and stuffed ourselves with delicious Ethiopian food and then retired to the Arbor Brewing Company across the street for a beer.

My consolation prize for the botched evening: a pint of ABC's Big Ben.

There are worse things than spending an evening with a good friend and having said evening involve good beer, I suppose.


Spike said...

One time, I was supposed to go to a concert with some friends. I was picked up from my place and headed over to another friend’s house, where we would meet up with another group and then head out. The problem…driving to the concert I realized I left the tickets at my place. When we got to my place, I realized I had left the tickets in my car (so I wouldn't forget them) and that I left my car key back at my friends house. By the time all of this happened, the concert had begun.

So we ended up going to a local dive and singing karaoke. I feel you pain!

jen said...

Sorry you missed the concert! Snow is such a headache. Glad the evening turned out to be a good one anyway. :)

tfh said...

As frustrating and horrible as that sounds, the image of you trying to navigate your way out of that predicament with a stick shift only further cements your kick ass tough image. (Whereas attending that concert probably wouldn't have helped it much.)

Spike said...

Are you doing the Running Fit one in Novi or the one in Okemos? I'm running the Okemos one.

Sarah said...

I'm doing the one sponsored by Running Fit in Novi.

Kirsten said...

Ugh, as a fellow manual transmission girl I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Stick is great for staying on course on some of the worst roads, but once stuck it can be a nightmare. My left calf sends soothing vibes to your left calf.

BTW, if you don't already have snow tires I cannot recommend them enough (of course, I live smack-dab in the West MI snow-belt, so they are almost a necessity some Winters). Every year I am reminded just how worth every penny they truly are.

Spike said...

Too bad, I'll find you at another 5K! Good luck and have fun!

bunnygirl said...

It sounds like it all ended well enough, but what a hassle. You definitely didn't need all that!