Saturday, April 4, 2009

Busy Busy

Day before race:

1. Get up at 8:45.
2. Make bacon and scrambled eggs with caramelized shallots for breakfast.
3. Take shower, sing "Porgi, amor" and "Al desio di chi t'adora" (Mozart, Marriage of Figaro) much to Bouhaki's amusement.
4. Drive to Dearborn to pick up race packet for half marathon.
5. Unexpectedly run into good friend on street by race expo.
6. Buy 3 more Bondi Bands, bringing collection total to 21.
7. Shop for beer at Merchant's Fine Wine, coming away with: Dogfish Head Midas Touch and Festina Peche, Dark Horse "Tres" Anniversary Blueberry Stout, Goose Island Matilda, North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, Lagunitas Cappucino Stout, Southern Tier Jah-Va Imperial Coffee Stout, and last but not least, New Holland Dragon's Milk.
8. In some massive lapse in judgment, decide to go to IKEA. On a Saturday afternoon.
9. Leave IKEA with blood pressure having risen several levels, but with the things I came for.
10. Not having learned lesson at the zoo (aka IKEA) decide to stop at Target in Ann Arbor for final item on list.
11. Leave Target contemplating homicide, either by blunt force trauma or vehicular.
12. Get home, unload car.
13. Remove new kitchen trash can from box. Find big dent. Decide returning can not worth it since dent is in rear and will face wall.
14. Remove new bathroom trash can from box. It refuses to open. Plastic bucket insert jammed into lid. Much swearing ensues. Wrestle with lid. Cut open finger on sharp stainless steel. Become totally enraged, wrench on lid with all my strength, it finally pops open, but I broke the plastic insert. Stupid cheap Swedish shit.
15. Do laundry.
16. Order sandwich from favorite deli.
17. Decide, "screw it, I need a goddamn beer," and have a Dark Horse Blueberry Stout. Mood improves dramatically.
18. COUCH. TV. FOOD. Finally.
19. Have Dogfish Head Midas Touch. Holy shit that's an amazing beer. Wow.

Still to come: dinner and very early bedtime, since I have to be up at about 5:00 in the morning.

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girlrunningaround said...

Good luck tomorrow! And the beer sounds delish!