Thursday, April 2, 2009

Unfilled Niche

From the Dilbert Blog:
I wonder if the world would be a nicer place if everyone exercised their biceps femoris muscles and experienced its euphoria. A sentence you never hear on the news is "He was a marathon runner and a serial killer."
Who wants to be the first? Get going, people! (I'm looking at you.)

This week's Take It And Run Thursday theme at the Runners' Lounge is "Ode to Running Shoes." I shall now channel our favorite running poet and thrill you all with my own shoe haiku:
Big wide ugly feet
Run gazelle-like when with you,
Brooks Adrenalines.
My good pal had this to say about my half marathon endeavor this weekend:
So enjoy your "just because" 1/2 marathon. That's like saying "Yeah, I was going to really hurt myself anyway that day, so I thought I might as well do it in a public forum..."
Yep, that pretty much sums it up.


Viper said...

Man, I hate haiku.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Joke's on you! If I become a serial killer, it won't prove or disprove a thing in this regard because I've never run a marathon and never will!!1!

Urge to kill risING, riSING, RISING ...

But, in fact, I'm really more of a spree killer. People who confuse us spree killers with low-class, no 'count serial killers REALLY make me want to go all spree-y on their @$$!

tfh said...

Sigh-- too bad GQH isn't allowed to run marathons. Such an honor that would be.

Big wide ugly feet rule.

tfh said...

OMG, we were posting at the same time. Now I'm looking around wildly-- is he behind me? Above me? Crouching behind the plant with a knife, waiting to spring-- AAAAH!

Sun Runner said...

GQH & tfh: Yeah, I thought it was funny I got a double comment notification for you guys.

And GQH, never say never re: marathon running...three years ago, hell, even two years ago I never would have thought myself capable of running a marathon...not even a remote possibility...and now I'm six weeks away from my second.

Spike said...

while most runners love their running shoes all dirty (something about showing character or personality or some kind of personification), I'm all about keep'n ‘em clean, like my homies do with their Air Force 1s. plus, I think it would be funny to tell people at the start of a marathon that I'm pumped about my new shoes I just bought at the expo yesterday! screw with them a bit!

Anonymous said...

Regarding an earlier post... I ALWAYS have coffee before my workouts, for the energy pop but also because it cleans out the plumbing.

Ah, your 10-20 weekend is what I should be doing this weekend. They are a abeautiful thing, those 10-20's. They make you feel strong.

And the 1/2 mary should be a fabu tune-up. now that I am injured, I am officially living vicariously through you, so you have to promise me you will BQ. I know "for me" is small potatoes as far as motivation, but it would really be a huge consolation in my little life. GO SARAH!!

The Laminator said...

Thanks for dropping by...and yeah, I agree, isn't it great that you are running a half "just because"'s so awesome...think about how many people would need to train one, three, or even six months to do that...and yet, you can do that "just because" Totally awesome! Have fun at the race!

mr loser said...

Crappy sloggin' haikus based on recent blog entries

Serial killer
Or crazy marathoner
What is different?

Malodorous shoes
Stink worse than a rotting corpse
I hate the treadmill

Stop drinking Guinness
And scribbing dumb haikus
It is now Friday

raulgonemobile said...

Have fun this weekend.. I hope I can do a half "just because" some day. LOL