Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shameless Begging

Last year I participated in the American Lung Association's Fight for Air stairclimb at the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit. I contributed over $400 to the ALA's efforts to fight lung disease. I'm back for more as a member of my workplace team. The stairclimb is February 28 this year and I am hoping to raise at least $300 by then. I hate asking people for money especially given the current economic climate, but even $5 would help me in getting to my goal.

Just so y'all know, last year I kicked butt and finished 14th out of all the women who participated. I don't do this just to raise money for the ALA, I do it to KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS at the same time, because I'm super competitive like that. Even though it's not TECHNICALLY a race...I act like it is.

In the process of kicking butt at the 2009 stairclimb.

Last year because I met my fundraising goal I got a sweet little duffel bag as my incentive reward. I use that thing all the time. Many of you contributed last year and thus are partially responsible for the sweet little duffel bag, and for that I thank you.

My personal fundraising page.

Help me out here people...even $5 would be awesome.


Kirsten said...

Happy to help. Asthma has kicked my ass in some capacity on every damned run. There have been so many races when my legs wanted to go MUCH faster, but I was held back by my lungs.

Kick Asthma's ass for me!

mr loser said...

I'm in, hope you kick some ass

Jill (girlrunningaround) said...

Happy to help! I know how hard it is to raise funds. I'm working on my goal with Team in Training.

Good luck and kick some butt on those stairs!

Morgan said...

Dude that looks like such a fun not-race but race! :) I will def return the fundraising favor next payday!

ajh said...

I just ran across your blog. I love the header! If you like relays another good one in Vermont is the 100 on 100 in August! Give it a try sometime!