Saturday, January 1, 2011

All You Really Need To Know About Me

Fact: I was in bed at 10:30 last night.

Conclusion: I am an old fart who prefers the comfort and safety of home over staying out too late and getting too drunk to drive home.

Fact: I received this from the Engineer for my birthday (it was December 28) and I am now utterly obsessed with it.

Conclusion: I am a HUGE bird nerd.

(My favorite call so far is that of the Common Eider. Oooooh!)

Happy 2011 everyone!

Aside: what will your moniker of choice be for the new year? Will you say "two thousand eleven" or "twenty eleven"? I'm going with "twenty eleven," myself. If we say "two thousand eleven" we will sound too French, รก la "deux mille et onze," and we don't want to sound FRENCH, mon Dieu!


Jamoosh said...


Happy New Year

Bri said...

Does that suggest that you're a Cornellian?

Carolina John said...

You are an old bird geek. or at least just old. happy new year!

chia said...

That bird book kind of needs to be mine. There is a park up the street that they actually bait for the different birds that nest here in the winter. There are two big information stations with pictures/descriptions of each kind and which ones are here usually and which ones are just hangin' out til the big thaw.

Laura said...

Fact: I may have stayed up last night, but it's a Saturday night tonight and I'm in with no plans to drink. Actually, I'll be asleep by 10pm. We tied!

And my vote is for twenty eleven.

Happy New Year!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

If we start to sound French with regard to the burning issue of how to say "2011", then let's face it: Teh Terrorists have won and we're fucked.

Perhaps we can propitiate Teh Terrorists by preemptively sending them Carolina Cletus as a hostage - because what the fuck does his comment even mean? Geez!

Sun Runner said...

@Bri: Not quite...I went to Smith College.

@GQH: CJ is referring to the fact that I just turned...37. Ancient.

Nitmos said...

I was up til 1:30am on New Year's morning. Not sure why. Since I was up, I can tell you this: You didn't miss anything.