Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: You Know You're A (insert name of cold region here) Runner When...

You know you're a Michigan runner when 15 degrees and four inches of snow don't bother you.

This morning I actually got up and went for a run before work, which has not happened since before the Thunder Road debacle. It was about 15 degrees outside, so I dressed appropriately (thick Sugoi tights, Jacket of Wonder, gloves, earband). I knew I was going short and slow. Longer miles (and hopefully my erstwhile speed) will come in time. My goal for the rest of the month is to ease back into the routine of getting up to run multiple times during the week.

I have to admit, it was pleasant. Lovely, even. The cold temperature was bothersome for only a brief time; the new snow skritch skritch skritch-ed under my shoes. There was no one else around. A few lazy snowflakes spun down in the yellow glow of the streetlights.

I was forced to prematurely abort my run 0.04 short of 2 miles because I had to make a frantic dash for the bathroom at home. I was trying so hard not to let something unpleasant happen my toes were clenched into little toe-fists inside my shoes.

Speaking of shoes, I have pushed my current pair to the brink of 700 miles. They have endured two marathons with me, a distinguished career, and I believe it is time for them to retire with full honors. This means I will have to shoe-shop for the first time in ages, since I have been cruising with an unbroken string of Brooks Adrenaline 9s for over two years (I am on my fourth pair of the 9s). My last pair of 9s I ordered online almost a year ago. I highly doubt there are any unused pairs of a two-year-old model drifting around. This means I must...change shoes. I could take the easy way out and just make the leap to the current model of the Adrenaline, since my feet get along so well with them. Or at least they do until I wear them well past their retirement age, in which case unfortunate things occur such as nasty blisters which lead to bacterial infections and the falling off of toenails. Yes, while the paronychia has cleared up, my poor beleaguered little toenail, battered and insulted, went into its death throes a couple of weeks ago. I helped it commit assisted suicide.

My family is coming to visit for the weekend, which means running with Dad, a trip to IKEA, a fancy dinner, and the enjoyment of my favorite malty beverage. I was with the Engineer down in Indiana on Monday, and took the opportunity to pick up some brews from Three Floyds Brewing for my dad and I to sample.

Now it is time for me to pick up the lovely Redhead for lunch...stay warm out there, folks! (unless you're from somewhere in the South and claim anything under 40 degrees is "too cold." And you think I'm "nuts" for enjoying running in cold weather.)


Xenia said...

RIP little toenail.

I admire you. I think my cold threshold is 20 degrees and I don't run in snow. I'm an accident waiting to happen on clean roads and sidewalks, I'm an absolute mess with snow.

Jamoosh said...

You know you are a runner with some form of brain damage when you run in Houston, TX and the thought of running in 15 degree weather and 4 inches of snow makes you think, "Cool!" And you ar serious about doing it.

TNTcoach Ken said...

That's why I hate those before work runs(pun intended)...... I went from Adrenaline 10s to 11s and I'm not liking them.... Good luck with the upgrade.

Viper said...

Only 700 miles? Is there something wrong with them? Poor a little out for those old homies. Only a little though. It's indecent to waste good hooch. Cheers!

Morgan said...

Dude! You didn't tell me about the toenail!!! Ugh!! Glad you had a mostly good run. Have fun with the 'rents this weekend and I'll see you next week, same time, different place. Probably sushi though. LOL! :)

Ironman By Thirty said...

700 miles! Yikes! The most I ever get is 500 miles. Don't listen to Viper's cheap advice.

Glad you had an enjoyable run! I love running in cold weather.

Keith said...

15 F is only -10 C. I have to convert to make sense of it. Sorry, but this is not cold. I would call it cool winter day. The 4 inches (10 cm) of snow is another thing. One has to be careful about that because you don't always know what's under it. I suppose too it depends on what kind of snow it is.

Good for you about getting lots of miles on those shoes! I think the x K and replace them rule is a plot by the shoe companies.

Nitmos said...

I would say you abused those poor shoes.

Anything under 20 degrees...HATE.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I ran in 7 degree weather! Woo-hoo! I'M BETTER THAN YOU!1!


For the love of Sweet Baby Jebus, STOP PICKING ON CLETUS!11!

Just kidding! Go ahead. Pick away.

Anonymous said...

I will only run in those conditions when I have registered and paid for a race. It's the only time my cheapness triumphs my wussiness. Other than that, treadmill all the way, baby!