Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Let's Eat!

Some of you may be aware that in addition to my running blog I have a food blog, Una Buona Forchetta. After a flurry of posting when I started it in 2008, my updates became few and far between. I posted to my food blog twice in 2010; the last post was in April.

I have no excuse for neglecting to post more frequently, however, because I have received a boot to the rear, or, as my advisor from grad school would have put it, I've had "a fire lit under my ass," in the form of two externally-based motivators.

One is the Spice Rack Challenge, a monthly food challenge for 2011 organized by my friend and fellow Michigan Lady Food Blogger MK. I posted my response to this month's challenge ingredient, rosemary, earlier this week. My first food blog post in 9 months! Joining the Spice Rack Challenge will guarantee I have at least 12 posts to my food blog this year.

The second is my being featured on The Athlete's Plate today. I was nominated for this week's feature by the Redhead, who had her own menu last week. I now have six meals (both full and snack) created for me by Jason, who mined my blog for inspiration and ideas. It is not a surprise, then, to find I have "kitty litter" granola and pizza (and beer!) as two of my menu items. I will be making and posting recipes from my Athlete's Plate to my food blog, starting with the granola, because I have long suspected homemade granola will be better than anything store-bought, and my breakfast routine has suffered from same-thing-every-day disease. Thank you, Redhead and Jason, for the delicious honor!

In other news:

It's cold here. How cold? Well, how does a high temperature of 14*F tomorrow sound? Bleah. This is "scurry from office to car and car into house" weather for me.

Last Sunday I attended a recital performance in Ann Arbor by soprano Renée Fleming. I indulged in a single extravagantly-priced ticket which landed me seven rows from the stage and smack in the center. I could not have been more perfectly placed for optimum aural and visual satisfaction. The woman may be almost 52 years old and has been hammering on her voice for over 30 years, but she sounded fabulous. I soaked up every shattering high note and tender pianissimo like a dry sponge, choked up a little during one of the encores, and drove home while listening to (and singing along with) her Mozart arias CD. Ach ich liebte, wär so glücklich!


Morgan said...

Your menu looks delish and home-made granola is the BEST!!! You will start finding excuses to eat it all day. Be warned! :)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I could never have a food blog, and not just because I'm Irish and Irish cuisine is notoriously inedible; more because when I talk or write about food I become hungry and must eat.

That same juju happens when the topic is beer, too. So no beer blog.

I just can't. Because if I did, in the one case, I'd way north of 500 pounds; and in the other, I'd be on my third liver by now.

And I hate liver.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Uh, "weigh' not "way".

Jason said...

Thrilled to check out this spice rack challenge. Any challenge that involves cooking I'm interested in.

I made some Vegan Spanish Stew last night that I am actually bringing to a restaurant to see if I can have it added to this menu.

Keep posting on that food blog and running fast as you are an inspiration.

Nitmos said...

Think 14 is bad? Brace yourself for this weekend. I'm telling myself that if I can make my long run in this....I'm over the winter hump.

joyRuN said...

Sorry, girl. I can NOT check out any food blogs until I lose some of the poundage I gained from being a cruise glutton. BLECH!