Monday, June 7, 2010

Yes, I Would Like Some Cheese With My Whine

Hi folks. I'm breaking my 3-week silence solely to write this very whiny post about all of the annoying, upsetting, and generally unpleasant shit that has been happening to me lately.

My grandmother died.

I got a $330 speeding ticket on the way to my hometown to attend her funeral.

My car got a flat tire in the parking lot of my office the day before it was due to have all new tires put on.

My debit card was "deactivated," leaving me with no access to any monetary funds.

The band I drove all the way down to Toledo to see live canceled their appearance unexpectedly.

My water heater went kablooey, depriving me of hot water for four days. I had it replaced today, and thought all was well. That is, until I turned on my dishwasher tonight...only to find there is a major leak in the hot water line coming out of the tank. Water spraying everywhere. I managed to stem the leak by closing the cold water feed valve leading to the tank, but at 10:00 PM there's not much else I could do except place a panicked call to the plumber.

My basement partially flooded due to crazy insane amounts of rain Saturday night.

I had a small ant invasion in my kitchen.

I missed placing in my age group at the Dexter-Ann Arbor 10K by four seconds.

To say I've generally had it with just about everything would be an understatement.

I'm posting this from my bed because I'm too lazy to get up and do it in my computer room. Who cares?

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