Thursday, January 3, 2008


Finally, FINALLY, I was able to get outside for a run yesterday afternoon. I hadn't run at all since Sunday and that was only 4 miles on the treadmill at the gym. The last time I was able to run outdoors was a week earlier at my parents'. I hate it when circumstances keep me from running. This was a combination of really bad weather and the holiday (gym not open at normal times). Thus I was very antsy and agitated and sad to say feeling very fat. I figured the snow removal situation was under control enough for me to brave the sidewalks/roads of Chelsea. Yesterday it was cold and sunny and IMO, perfect for a nice post-work run. Which I did. Five and a quarter miles. Thank god. The sidewalk situation was severely sketchy, with some stretches being well-tended and free of snow while others were untouched or poorly cleared. It's official: I hate people who don't clear their sidewalks. After weaving on and off the sidewalk via driveways I just gave up and stayed in the road. This meant more slippage in the mushy stuff at the road's edge (sometimes I felt like it was a "two steps forward, one step back" situation) but at least the road was basically clear. I got some "WTF?" looks from people I passed in driveways and such. Yeah, yeah, I'm clearly nuts.

It was all made worthwhile as I had probably the nicest run through the cemetery ever. The road was unplowed but a few brave vehicles had passed through, creating a two-track of firm snow. The rest of the cemetery grounds were a smooth, pristine carpet unblemished by foot or tire. The snow clung to every tree branch and twig. The smaller headstones were reduced to white lumps. It was very, very quiet; the only sound was the squeak squeak of my feet on the packed snow. The sun was setting so the snow was beginning to glow blue and purple in the twilight. I wished I had a camera with me. I wished the road was longer because I could have run like that forever.


Tina said...

I'm SO with you on the sidewalk thing; last night during our group run we ran past a couple of big fraternity houses whose sidewalks weren't cleared. WTF, there are how many young college guys living there, and they can't clear their sidewalk? Make the pledges do it for crying out loud!

Hope to see ya tomorrow morning!:-D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, The kids are notorious for not shovelling their walks. On snowy days like this, I've been running around Ann Arbor on campus, because I know that campus sidewalks are shovelled the morning after a storm. I've got a couple of good 5 mile loops that work pretty well (even with the people).