Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Kindred Spirit

A few of you may recognize the man behind the words I am about to quote.

"Well, I've joked with you before that one of the reasons I love to run is because I love to eat pizza. Well, the funny thing about that is that it's not a joke."

"You know, I hope this hasn't happened to you, but about a year after I started running and was in training for my first marathon, someone called me a 'running psycho'. Big deal, right? Of course they were just joking around, they didn't mean it...except that they really did mean it. As my training went forward and my excitement about our sport increased, the label of 'running psycho' became a recurring theme in their attacks."

On the former, I have to say: hear, hear! Life is not worth living without pizza.

On the latter, the label that has been applied to me most often and with increasing frequency is "obsessed." I've heard that from both friends and family. And you know what? It's true, and it doesn't bother me. I want to be an obsessed runner. It's the obsession that keeps me going. If I was not as passionate about, nay, obsessed with running, I wouldn't be doing it. I love doing it. I love it so much that I now listen to a guy I don't even know talk about running and I think, "Oh, man, that is so true! This guy rocks!"

Bonus obsessed-runner points to those of you who know who/what I quoted.

In other news, last night I attended what I hope will be the first of many Wednesday-night group runs out of the Running Fit HQ. I ran five miles, which makes 18 for the week. Today I will spend cross-training at the gym. I need to do some strength training.

I also ordered a RoadID bracelet. I had a RoadID dog-tag necklace years ago but the information on it is totally obsolete. I decided that as I embark on my heavy training schedules this year (first for the half marathon in May and then the Detroit Marathon in October) which will include runs stretching to 20 miles I need to have something on me in case of emergency.


Tina said...

I'm going to take a wild guess, as I'm a bit behind in my podcasts, but... Steve Runner, of Phedippidations?

dirtdawg50k said...

The Road ID is a great idea. I have been toying with getting one for a quite some time. Probably should since most my runs are in the dark!

Anonymous said...

I've been urged by my wife to get a RoadID as well, but I just never have gotten around to it. I hope to get one by this summer when I also start putting in the long weekend miles in the country.

My parents understand my running obsession, since I had it when I was in High School, and lost it for a while in college. My wife, however, struggled at first with my need to get out and run long distances. It took us a bit, but we reached an understanding (she can't run because of knee issues).

And I agree! Pizza is a need, not a want!