Thursday, June 19, 2008

On My Mind

Remember this? I certainly do. I've had the lottery date emblazoned on my brain for the past six months, waiting, impatiently, as the days crawled by. Then today I got this email:
Dear Bridge Run Lottery Registrant-

Thank you for registering for the 2008 Mackinac Bridge Labor Day Run! As you may know, only 300 runners will be selected to participate in what many people have called “an experience of a lifetime.” Those selected for the event will have the opportunity to kick off all Labor Day festivities at the Mackinac Bridge.

Participants are selected through a lottery drawing which will be held on Thursday, June 26. Those selected will receive notification via U.S. mail service. If you do not receive notification by Thursday, July 17, you have unfortunately not been selected for the run this year. We encourage all those who are not selected to apply again the following year. Please call 1-800-434-8642 with any questions regarding the Bridge Run. Thank you for your registration!
Only one week until the drawing!

I would seriously, like, wet myself if I got picked.


chia said...

***Sending loads of hopeful thoughts to the lottery bin that will determine your fate***

I sure as heck hope you get it. I'm a firm believer in racing vicariously through others. Good Luck!!

stuffysmiles said...

Did you know you can run the Mackinaw Bridge on Memorial Day too? And they let 1400 people do it! It's an amazing race. Good luck, I hope you get picked!

nudles99 said...

Holy crap! That would be great for you, but even looking at the Mac Bridge makes me start to freak out. The last time David and I drove over it I started to hyperventilate and had a severe panic attack right there in the front seat. Let's just say I don't think he'll be taking me over it again any time soon. Bridges + Water = Nicole's Worst Nightmare.

Viper said...

Nice of them to notify that if you if they don't notify you, you didn't get picked.

Good luck on the drawing!

Nitmos said...

I didn't realize this was such an *exclusive* event. If we removed the governor's 300 body guards, would that create more space?

Sarah said...

You're just bitter because you didn't get your name into the drawing too. ;)

Laura said...

I just can't believe they're notifying you by snail mail. I would be SO mad - not only is it slow, I only check my snail mail once a month or so. E-mail is instant!