Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Morning Run Thoughts

It's a wee bit steamy out here this morning. Gonna be a hot one today.

Stop thinking about the fact that you've only run one mile.

I like this downhill!

Summer is waning...the street lights are still on.

Who would have EVER thought I would be one to get up and go running at 6:00 in the morning?

Ah, it's that woman running again with all that crazy gear. I wonder where she's going?

There's that old guy. Hey dude. That's so cool. He's like 70 and he's still hitting the pavement.

I wonder if the cemetery crew only comes in this early if there's a grave to be dug?

Let me see if that hollow tree has a raccoon in it

Drop your arms.

What's that weird bird?

I'm glad I wore this baggy shirt so I can wipe the sweat off my face!

I hope a deer doesn't run out of the swamp and trample me.

I wish I could focus on the horizon but the stupid sidewalk is so uneven I have to watch my feet so I don't trip and fall flat on my face! And the road is hardly any better!

I love this part of my loop. I'm going to run right down the middle of the road. (here I was heading down the tree-lined drive from the cemetery to Middle St.)

I wonder if I will be able to run straight across Main St. instead of stopping for traffic...yesssss!

There's a crowd in Pierce's Pastries today.

Oh, they're unloading grain at the Jiffy Mix plant! Cool!

I'm so glad I don't live across from this driveway with these noisy trucks roaring by every morning!

Drop your arms!!

Only a half-mile left!

I gotta go to the bathroom AGAIN?

I've seen that lady before.

Did that house finally sell?

For the last goddamn time, drop your arms!

Only a quarter-mile left. Pick it up, girl.

Look, there's one of the TV-Watching Old Farts putting out his recycling. With no shirt on. Work it up the hill past him so he doesn't think you're a wimp. Arms, arms, arms! Go, go, go!

Ah, finally. Home. Gee thee to a toilet, girl!

With all of this (and more) banging around in my head over the space of 35 minutes, why do I even need an iPod?

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