Monday, December 31, 2007

Reflecting on 2007...and Goals for 2008

It's the final day of 2007, a year of great change and upheaval for me. One year ago I was at the the midway point of a great downward spiral which would end only when I had surgery in February. I had lost about 20 pounds on Weight Watchers and was managing to run (when I had the energy) maybe twice a week, one or two miles at a time. More than that and the fatigue brought on by persistent anemia would lash out and strike me down. Most of those final gruesome weeks leading up to surgery it was all I could do to make it through the day, lured by the promise of sweet, sweet rest when I got home. Afternoon naps were my lifeblood, considering that my actual blood was leaking out of me faster than it could be replenished.

That is all behind me now, a horrible phase which has thankfully been relegated to memory only. 2007 was the year I was REBORN!

I ran (as best as I can guesstimate, considering my stats are spread out over three different record-keeping places) about 460 miles since May.

I ran one one-mile, six 5Ks, one four-mile, one 5.25-mile and one 13.1 mile race.

My best mile time was 7:48.

My best 5K time was 25:01.

My best (unofficial) 10K time was 54:45.

My half marathon time was 2:07.

I killed off two pairs of running shoes and am now working on my third.

I acquired the greatest piece of electronic wizardry known to man, the Garmin Forerunner 305. They can have my Garmin when they pry it from my cold dead hands (I say the same thing about TiVo).

I lost a further 40 pounds (slight setback over the past week of holiday feasting but I'm back on track now)

I made some excellent new friends who also love to run.

I have annoyed family and friends with endless blather about running.

I learned to love the quiet predawn hours. I also (sort of) learned to love the biting cold.

I learned how to love life again.

For 2008 I want to:
  • Run my next half marathon in under 2 hours
  • Run a 7:00 mile
  • Run a sub-25:00 5K
  • Get a new 5K PR (will have to be less than 23:21)
  • Run a 10K race
  • Run the Detroit Marathon!
  • Reach my Weight Watchers goal weight
  • Run as much as humanly possible without injury
As for this New Year's Eve, there's a 5K race in downtown Jackson that starts at midnight...


Fritz said...

yay goals! All of those look very reasonable, responsible, and great! I'm looking forward to reading all about your accomplishments! :)

Anonymous said...

awesome goals, you are a machine! I did a 5K at midnight too, definitely a sign of the running crazies.

Happy new year from California, your blog is a total inspiration.