Monday, May 5, 2008


Friday morning I sacrificed about a half cup of my precious blood in the name of science. I got paid $20 for the privilege of allowing my blood to be used in a genetics study. I was (as I suspect I will be for most studies) a normal control, the "healthy volunteer." It was a nice way to make some extra cash. I'm holding out hope that I may get involved some kind of megabucks-paying exercise physiology study. I'd love to have my VO2 max calculated, to run on a treadmill for a while with things beeping and spitting out numbers all over the place. A girl can dream.

So there I was back at the U of M hospital for the first time since I had surgery lo those many months ago. The day I met with my surgeon, a visit which ended with a blizzard of paperwork and endless long trips up and down the hallways from one department to another because I was going to have surgery in two weeks, was one of the great days of my life. I wandered from lab to lab in a daze, a fog of disbelief and extreme happiness because it was finally happening, I can't believe this is actually happening, I'm having surgery, I'm having surgery, I'm going to finally get well, oh my God, I'm finally going to be well.

Three hours in the bowels of the U of M hospital and I went home with a giant wad of papers and instructions and forms and a bag containing a box with a concoction called HalfLytely, the consumption thereof being one of the most unpleasant experiences ever.

What a difference 15 months I was at the hospital so they could pay me, not the other way around, and how often does that happen? I am in fabulous condition, 40 pounds lighter than I was on the day of surgery, infinitely happier and healthier.

In other news, I had a superb training run on Sunday, during which I ran at or below my target half marathon pace (9:09) for each mile and averaged 8:59 for the 11-mile distance. This bodes extremely well for my sub-2:00 goal at the Marine Corps Historic Half, which is coming up in TWO WEEKS! I can't believe it! 14 weeks of training down, just a shade less than 2 to go.

I am already thinking about doing the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run two weeks later. I don't know which distance I would like to do: 10K or half marathon. If through some catastrophe I do not achieve my goal at the Marine Corps half (urgh) I would like to attempt to do so at the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run.


Zoomy said...

If I may ask, why the hyst.? My best friend had a radical hyst. at age 25 for stage 4 endometriosis. I also have endo., but mine is stage 2 and my symptoms are MUCH less severe. I have contemplated having at least my uterus and my one bad ovary removed--but sometimes I feel like that's all that's holding my bladder in place.


And my symptoms have actually been much better since I had thermal ablation 5 years ago.

I'd gladly enter a medical study, too. Perhaps not a drug one, but I'd be intrigued to be a test subject to help find answers. I'm also curious about having the fitness testing done. I keep thinking I should contact my alma mater to see if they ever need random 30-something women to test.

Nitmos said...

Always nice to get PAID to go to the hospital!

Good luck in your half. Incidentally, I may jump into that Dexter-AA half race myself at the last minute. Still wavering...

Sun Runner said...

Kirsten- I had adenomyosis plus several large fibroids which combined to give me menorrhagia for about 2 1/2 years of misery. At the bitter end of it I had a period that lasted for 83 days straight (a number that will forever be engraved in my brain). Only my surgery put an end to it at long last.

Zoomy said...

Oh, gosh...a hyst. would definitely be a relief after that. My doctor who diagnosed my endo (while doing my tubal laparoscopically--when she later told me the diagnosis I was not the least bit shocked...I'd had all the textbook symptoms since my very first period at age 12) was also very suspicious of adeno, as my uterus was apparently quite enlarged and felt abnormal. I've also had at least one fibroid, but it was small. My mom had major issues with fibroids before her own hyst.

I hear you on the miserable periods, though mine are much less troublesome than what you dealt with. I have short cycles, but long periods, so I'm pretty much dealing with AF about 1/3-1/2 of the time. Menopause is gonna be a welcome guest around here, I think.


Anonymous said...

You are SO meeting your goal for the half. Please. If *I* can run a 2:06, you can surely run a sub 2-hour. You may not even break a sweat.