Tuesday, February 8, 2011


You know you are a runner who perhaps has a few too many running clothes when...

...you're moving your clothing stash from one place to another, which entails emptying out various drawers, thereby requiring refolding and rearranging of said clothing so it will all fit into its new home, and you find yourself saying one or more of the following:

"I wondered where that went."

"I totally forgot about this!"

"Ah, the first proper jacket I ever bought."

"Oh yeah...this one."

Additionally, you may revisit triumphs of deep discount sales (hello, Asics Storm Shelter jacket that I got for 50% off), milestone race shirts (Detroit Marathon '08), and questionable purchases (not every piece of gear is awesome).

I am happy to report that all of my stuff is neatly tucked into drawers, and I rotated some neglected items to the tops of piles so I will see them first and therefore be more likely to wear them. 

In other news:

I ran when I got home from work, because the morning temperatures of late have been alarmingly cold. Dangerously cold. Like, wind chills below zero. Having frozen my hands on a subzero run two years ago, I hesitate whenever the ambient temperature dips below ten degrees. Thus, I balked at going out this morning (9 degrees) and pushed my run back to the afternoon when it was a pleasant 25 degrees. I decided around mile 2 to go longer than planned in order to run through the cemetery and take a picture of the sunset, but no sooner had I made that choice than my guts sent out a warning signal of impending doom (seriously, it was like five seconds later) and I knew I would have to go home along my originally scheduled route. The cemetery and the setting sun will have to wait.


TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, I have to do my shifting of stuff when the weather changes. I've trashed most of the really old stuff, so I have no real surprises.

Johann said...

I have a stash of race t-shirts I collected over the years that I'm working through to wear. I'm currently at 1997 - 1998. The stash is getting bigger a lot faster than I can wear them.

Sun Runner said...

@Ken: I haven't quite reached that level of abundance, where I have to keep my warm weather and cold weather stuff separate. It all mingles together.

@Johann: Oh, I didn't even touch on the subject of my piles of race shirts...they have to have an entire shelf all to themselves. :)

Laura said...

I only shift my stuff when I discover that half of it is under the dresser because it got forced out the back of the drawer when I was trying to make the drawer close.

Yeah, I don't have too much running stuff or anything...

C said...

I don't have very few running clothes. Except socks. The socks are everywhere. I'm rich in socks.

Nitmos said...

I've worn the same 2 pair of shorts and 3-4 running shirts over the past 3 years now. They appear in every photo. Eventually, the clothes will give in...but I won't.