Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The general state of affairs

This comment landed in my moderation bin:
"Though you end up last in the race, it doesn't mean you failed. It only means that there are people better than you in that field. The important thing is you finished what you have started valiantly amidst aching feet. Good Job Mate! [spam link to sketchy web site redacted]."
Shut the fuck up, spammer. People like you are why I have comment moderation enabled.

In other news, I have begun physical therapy on the mess that is my right calf. At my first appointment last week, I asked the therapist how long it would be before I could resume running.

He said three months. My ruptured tendon could take even longer than that—up to a year— to put itself back together completely.

I wanted to cry; instead I groaned and looked at the ground. Three months. I guess that means the Fort 4 Fitness half marathon at the end of September is out. Maybe I can bounce back in time to squeeze in the Detroit half marathon in mid-October, but I am not optimistic. I haven't run since the tendon-shredding debacle at Cleveland seven weeks ago. My stamina is shot. I will be starting over, when I eventually do start over, as if the previous four years had never even happened. What I have come to think of as my best year—2009—is a distant memory.

Focus. Focus. Concentrate on physical therapy for the next two months.The fall is an indistinct haze. It's not worth getting my panties in a bunchy wad about races I won't be able to run (and thankfully didn't register for), the whole summer wasted, not a lick of training to be undertaken. Ride a bike at the gym, lift weights, do my exercises at home. One day at a time.


Johann said...

Ouch, 3 months are tough! Just focus on the therapy and keep some goals to work for. All the best!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ouch! That sucks....... Use the time to get stronger.... Hey, I see comments are moderated......... HA

MCM Mama said...

That just sucks. I've got a much more minor injury and I'm pretty crabby about it myself.

Too bad you are on the other side of the lake. We could get together and whine in our [really good craft] beers when I visit WI in August.

Jen Feeny said...

Can you please crawl in to my brain and help me embrace your feelings about all this?

Anonymous said...

Majorly delayed response here. Having drama trying to comment after my switch to WordPress.

Anyways I LOLed at your commenter. How do you know it's spam? It sounds like a real person wrote it!

Nitmos said...

"That which doesn't kill us"...and all that bunkum. Heal properly and promptly!

P.S. Can I get that spammer's website link?