Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident

If it's raining when I wake up, I am very likely to cancel my morning run because "I don't want to run in the rain."

If it starts raining after I've already left, I will merely shrug and keep going because "it's just rain, it can't hurt me."

This morning I experienced the latter, and it only lasted for about a minute anyway.  It wasn't even proper rain; it was more of a gentle sprinkle.

We are experiencing a bit of a January warm-up here in the Big Mitten. The guy on the radio could barely contain his glee when he said Saturday's high would approach 60 degrees. Here's to hoping all the snow piles in my yard will melt.

After being stricken with the plague (aka influenza, or whatever) last week, I have rebounded enough to commence training for my next half marathon, the Martian Half in Dearborn, Michigan, on April 13. The Martian series sort of kicks off the big-distance race season in Michigan, and in the past I have done the 10K (2008, 2011) and the half (2009).

Thirteen weeks and counting! Onward!


B. Kramer said...

I love the January warm-up, but fear the February freeze. Have to enjoy this weather while it lasts. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Cheers!

Nitmos said...

Two months until we are largely in the clear. If we can steal a (relatively) warm day here or there, wonderful.

Johann said...

I love running in the rain but as you say starting in it is not so great. We are in summer and this week has been 90+ every day.