Sunday, January 6, 2008

Too Much is Never Enough

In the past two days I have run 15.7 miles (9.5 on Saturday (aka yesterday) and 6.2 on Sunday (aka today)) which is more than I ran over the previous 10 days (15 miles).

Too much? Perhaps. Inviting injury? Maybe. (I admit I'm a wee bit sore today.)

But did it feel sooooooo goooooood?


Oh, and on another note, for my Michigan readers, hello warmer weather and melting snow! Maybe those blasted sidewalks will clear up after all...


Fritz said...

I sympathize; I didn't put it in my race report, but after the 50K yesterday i saw someone running, and was instantly jealous.

Yes, we are obsessed. :)

Still, play it smart and be careful. Your body will tell you when you need a rest, you just have to make sure to be listening.

dirtdawg50k said...

It is Michigan, so goodbye to snow and ice and hello to slush and puddles and then back to ice in few days...Woo Hoo.

bunnygirl said...

Those aren't completely crazy mileages in my book. Living where you do, it's got to be tough to stay fit during the winter months. Enjoy your reprieve from nasty winter weather, because it's still only January and I doubt you've seen the last of the dreadmill!

Tina said...

The warmer weather is great, I can't wait to run in it tomorrow!:-)