Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Attack of the Killer Tree Branch!

This morning while I was out on the dawn-silent streets of my town I crossed paths with a large and unruly tree branch. It was lying in wait in the street-light dappled shadows on the sidewalk, bristling business end of sticks facing me. I ran straight into its stabbing clutches. Hot pokers of pain shot up and down my legs and abdomen as my feet tangled in the woody tripwires and for one sickening, swaying moment I thought I was going to lose it, to take a tumble to the pavement. Feet fumbling, kicking off the grasping fingers, I reached down and grabbed the offending assaulter and flung it aside onto the grass, shouting, "For fuck's sake!" Rhythm reattained I continued onward, but a reminder of my tangle with the tree in the form of sore spots stayed with me until I arrived home.

For all you low-light runners out there: beware of rogue tree branches.


Anonymous said...

Wow - could have been much worse if you did take a tumble. Glad you won the battle.

I (sort of) know how you feel. One time I tripped over a bent clothes hangar in similar low light conditions in Manhattan, rounding a corner on 14th St and 1st Ave.

Different locales, different hazards, yet somehow similar!

raulgonemobile said...

LOL! Funny description of a not as funny thing.

Nice job on the 10 and the 20 a few days ago, too.. Liked the pics

tfh said...

Wonderful public service announcement. I'm glad you're okay. I've run into branches still attached to their trees before and feel fortunate I still have my eyesight. But really-- attacking a runner's legs? That's just wrong.

Spike said...

the Ents are awakening. (sorry for the LotR reference) I've also had a run-in with some unsavory tree branches, glad you managed to stay upright!

Anne said...

Been there, done that. And it totally sucked.

Good luck with your half marathon this weekend! I really enjoy reading your blog, and think of you sometimes when I'm out there, running alongside the road.