Monday, March 2, 2009

When Celebrities Run

Every so often a picture appears of some celebrity out for a run. The effort being put forth can seem sincere or to be simply a photo opportunity. On one hand, you have folks like Ryan Reynolds, who finished the New York City Marathon in a respectable 3:50:22, and William Baldwin, who also ran NYC and finished in a very respectable 3:24:29.

And we've all heard about Katie Holmes' appearance in the 2007 NYC Marathon, which she finished, so let's give props where props are due, but I'm sure all the ladies out there saw the pictures of her running in a flimsy tank top with no support and thought, "girl, get thee a sports bra!" OK, I'm sure all the dudes out there saw those pictures and had an entirely different reaction. We each know what our priorities are.

Now, back to those times when the celebrity is seen running, or should I say "running," because I do not consider what Miley Cyrus is doing here to be running (photos courtesy of my favorite celebrity gossip site, The Superficial):

In the words of one of my favorite TV shows, The Soup: "IT'S MILEY!"

Like, ohmygod!

Bikini top, T-shirt, cutoff jean shorts (ow, chafage!), and the wrongest-looking "running" shoes I've ever seen. Uh-huh. I'm totally sure we're going to see her in a road race in the future. You want to see a teenager who knows how to run, look at Jordan Hasay.

In other news, after I returned to Michigan yesterday from my weekend visit to Cleveland, I decided to take advantage of the late afternoon sunlight and go for a quick run. It was a relatively pleasant 25 degrees and I did about 4.5 miles in 40 minutes. The best part about this run was the entire thing was 100% PAIN-FREE. It felt amazing and awesome and wonderful. I am so happy I seem to have beaten ITBS. I need to keep doing my stretching and foam rolling routine and hopefully it will not come back. My dude-sized shoes seem to be helping as well.

The only twinge I felt was long after I had finished and I was carrying a full laundry basket down to the basement. So, as long as I avoid using the basement stairs, I will be fine. That presents a problem when it comes to doing laundry, however. I don't think doing laundry in the bathtub is a viable option. Maybe I should install a dumbwaiter...?


tfh said...

Ah, Miley. Those photos + her "Angelina is my most favorite person EVER" red carpet comment make me really, really grateful that records of my own teenage years are confined to my parents' memoribilia closet.

I'm SO glad the ITBS has retreated. Perhaps a Stannah Stairlift would solve your laundry problem?

joyRuN said...

Glad you beat the daylights out of the ITBS.

As for Miley - chafeage would be the kindest punishment.

Kristin said...

Ugh, that is ridiculous! Put on some real running shorts!

As for Katie, wtf is up with her running the NYC with no sports bra? That just looks painful. If she can finish in 5:29 then there is hope for me yet!

Good to hear your last run was pain free. :)

jen said...

It is my dream to have a dumbwaiter!

I love The Soup! And The Superficial. And you.

Spike said...

that can only count as 'running' if there is an officer of the law in pursuit.

Mel said...

So glad you had a pain free run! I LOVE my foam roller.

Hope your ITBS stays away!

Kirsten said...

Yay, I hope ITBS is well and truly gone!

Funny that you are a Soup viewer and reader...heh, moi aussi! Speaking of delicious snark, I am getting into audio books for my long run and tomorrow I will be starting the first half of Chelsea (aka host of Chelsea Lately) Handler's latest.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Wow, sister, looks like you learned a lot at your Cleveland Judgmentalism Seminar. Do you get right-wing evangelical credits for that, too?

Glad to hear the it band is feeling better.

Sun Runner said...

GQH-- Oh, come on. Making instant, unfounded judgments about people is a long-standing tradition in America! I'm just exercising my constitutional right to free stereotyping.

And never, ever, ever suggest again that I'm a right-wing evangelical. I wear my "D" proudly, remember? :)

mr loser said...

In a two-story house, the clothes get stored upstairs within bedrooms. Why, then, do architects and home builders continue putting laundry rooms in the basement or on the first floor instead of the second? Like you, we constantly lug clothes baskets up and down stairs due to poor home design. Makes no sense, just like most celebrity running attire.