Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

  • The British know what's what, yo. I took on a little side project at work to map British academic research subject categories to our subject codes so we can include these titles in our database. One of the UK subject categories was "Food Technology, Brewing." (Higher-order category: Manufacturing Technology.) They have an entire area of academic research solely for brewing beer! The best I can do is "Food Science and Technology" or maybe "Agricultural Engineering." Come ON, America!
  • Awwwwww...BREAKOUT! Yes, at the age of 35, I have more zits than when I was 15. Every few months...BOOM! Eruption. It's the only way I know my endocrine system is still doing its job. Also, sometimes (but not always) my normally teeny-weeny nonexistent boobs puff up to uncomfortable dimensions which is accompanied by extreme amounts of tenderness. Running during one of these episodes is VERY PAINFUL IN THE CHESTAL REGION.
  • Sunday I am running the Shamrocks and Shenanigans 5K in Ann Arbor. I did this race last year and set a new PR, which I have since eclipsed twice more. I don't really have any expectations for the race. I've been speedier of late (see: last week's 8-mile TEAR at 8:10/mile) so who knows. I'm just doing it for the free beer glasses and the fact that once the race is over around noon, I can go have lunch and a beer (since in Michigan, we have this ridiculous blue law that prohibits alcohol sales before noon on Sundays. WTF people!). Last year I scored a totally sweet Belgian beer goblet which I use strictly for consumption of Lindemans Framboise Lambic, which is one of my top five favorite beers of all time.
  • Running popped up in the Ann Arbor Chronicle this week. Not just any running, the Tuesday evening Running Fit group run in downtown Ann Arbor. Shout out to my peeps!
  • Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore apparently got married recently. I so do not see this lasting for long, but my friend (hi, E!) says: "I give it 2 years (call me crazy, but they're soooo in love!!!)."
  • I drink at least two, sometimes three liters of water a day. Do you know what this means in terms of how often I have to whiz? I'm well-hydrated but well-acquainted with the bathroom. Hello toilet my old friend...I've come to sit on you again...In the bathroom softly peeing...
  • Speaking of whizzing, this has been the week of search term hilarity at work. I had one author suggest "ring whizzing" (it's an organic chemistry term), another suggest "hardwood,"(forestry paper) and then the terms "massive bush of lattice" and "guidelines for erection procedures" popped up in two other papers. I can't help chuckling รก la Beavis and Butthead when I come across these things, as well as authors with names like "Hung Wang" and "Richard Weiner" (I AM NOT KIDDING). It makes things more interesting. That, and I apparently have the sense of humor of an 11-13 year old boy. (Hung Wang...heh heh heh heh.)
  • I have managed to curb my insatiable appetite for Girl Scout cookies. This is only because I ate so many last week I literally became sick of them. The rate of consumption has declined dramatically. Why, I've only had four total today!
  • I have nine miles on the schedule tonight, which will be done in the company of my group run comrades. With daylight stretching past 7:30, I have succumbed to its lure and started running in the afternoons after work. It's so much nicer. It's warmer, lighter (aka NOT DARK), and I can sleep in for an extra hour.
  • Aaaand my water bottle is empty...again. Time for refill #3! (and another trip to the bathroom...)


tfh said...

I drink water all day long, too. Some days my trips to the cooler and the bathroom are the only things keeping me awake, though. If I came across someone named Dick Weiner, that would definitely be the high point of my day.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

The LC Subject terms on our brewing books here at the library:

1 Brewing - Amateurs' manuals

2 Beer

LC Alpha Numeric: TP570
Dewey: 641.873

So it's in the cooking/engineering areas.

Weird. Cooking and engineering. Always looks strange to me.

BTW, I never got around to bottling that Hennepin last weekend! So now I gotta do it saturday and then wait a whole 'nother f*cking WEEK to try it.

O, well. One more week of fermenting will only make it better.

Smells good, though.

I had to use the racking cane to get it from one bucket to the next because all the orange peel clogged the spigot.

raulgonemobile said...

I drink at least a liter a day.. you put me to shame. And I know how often I have to pee.. wow. I can't imagine.

(Loved the S&G in there, too)

Heretic said...

That's a lot of water. Too much, now that I think about it. Do you wake in the middle of the night to pee too? That's also a lot of cookies. I hope this is merely coincidence.

MCM Mama said...

Wow on the water! I try to drink a lot, but I usually get busy and forget. I was much better back when I worked and used it as an excuse to get up from my desk.

LOL at the librarian (and 12 year old boy) humor.

Elizabeth said...

I couldn't go to the close brain doctor because his name was Harry Wang, and I just couldn't do it. COULD NOT DO IT.

Carolina John said...

i get in tons and tons of water every day. folks are amazed sometimes at how often i have to pee. but i just get dehydrated quickly.

and here in the bible belt we have no alcohol sales at all on sunday thanks to the blue laws. I don't understand why.

Good luck at the race on sunday! it looks like a fun one.

Kirsten said...

They have really good beer in the UK and actually study beer...hmmm...coincidence? Perhaps we need more beer study in the US. I will volunteer to be a taste testing subject for that field. I would work for cheap, too...peanuts...and beer.

Ugh, that wrinkles and zits thing is the bane of my existence. I have far more zits at 36 than I did at
16...and now wrinkles and gray hair. Sheesh, one-at-a-time, please!

The sore boobs thing...the best solution I have found is the most supportive bra you can find. No shelf bras. Find something with encapsulation and compression. I have bigish, cystic boobs that get really sore some months, so I speak with some authority.


Xenia said...

I totally agree with your assessment of that celeb marriage match-up. So ending soon.

Good luck on Sunday.

Katie said...

Why the hell are Girl Scout cookies soo addicting??? I can pass the entire cookie isle at the store, no problem. But a box of GS cookies barely makes it home before I rip open the box and devour them all. I swear they must put crack in them.

jen said...

I like the strategy of overdoing the cookies then being done with them. :D

I also drink a lot of water and whiz a lot. I do not, however, use the word "whiz" nearly enough.

GOOD LUCK Sunday!! Have fun and kick ass. :)

mr loser said...

Funny post, good luck at your race. Finished the Beer Bottle Open -- is that a great name or what? -- 4 miler yesterday in an enervating 29:41. Need you to pace me to reach your scorching Turkey Trot time.