Monday, September 10, 2007

When You Gotta Go...

This morning I set out for my 4.5-mile run without first "taking care of business," which I try to do every time I go for a run outdoors. Most of the time I am successful and therefore avoid issues while on the road.

Not so today. I was in the cemetery just past mile 3 when The Urge hit and hit hard. With over a mile left to go and feeling extremely uncomfortable I knew I was going to have to take an unscheduled pit stop. Luckily I knew there was a Porta-Potty by the cemetery groundskeepers' shed on the edge of the property and I made a beeline for it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I felt much better and finished my run in 42 minutes (45 if you count my little detour, which I'm not). That's 9:19/mile pace!

I don't remember ever having to "go" during a run when I was in high school. Now it's essential that I make an effort to clear the system before I run or I always end up scrambling desperately for the bathroom when I get home. I haven't yet been forced to hide behind a bush by the side of the road but I've got some really long runs coming up and sometimes even with my pre-run ritual I'm struck by The Urge while out for longer runs (like Saturday's 7.5-miler, but I was able to stick it out until I got home).

I just hope they have Porta-Potties on the half marathon route!

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