Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Knew It!

The 5K I recently ran, the one I whined about here, was in fact longer than 5K! I was out last night with the Wednesday evening group, and I was wearing the hat I won at the Super 5K. Victor (a Running Fit employee and organizer of the Wednesday group runs) asked me what I thought of the race. I said, "Well, I think it was too long." He said, "It was too long."

AHA! I knew there was something to the fact that my Garmin 305 had measured the race distance as 3.21 miles. My Garmin may not be pinpoint accurate to the foot, but an extra .11 mile is a heck of an error.

I also mentioned how I thought it was odd that the race was chip-timed but there was a timing mat at the finish only. Victor agreed.

I feel somewhat vindicated.


Anonymous said...

I had a 10k that was JUST like that. Timing mats at the finish only, and a flipping extra quarter mile added to the course. Turned out, once they recalc'd all the times, I had a PR that day. I was still in the bottom 6 out of everyone, but I still PR'd! Woo! But that extra quarter mile nearly did me in on an already hilly course, lol.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it feel great to be right? It's almost as good as PR'ing.