Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I had a real rip-roaring workout this afternoon. I ran to the Chelsea track (thankfully deserted and snow-free) and did four 800 meter repeats at a pace which, for me, can only be described as "blazing." I am now more in awe than ever of people who can sustain such fast paces for long distances. Like marathons.

I did my 800m splits in 3:38, 3:38, 3:44, and 3:43 for an average pace of 7:23/mile. My Garmin claims my maximum speed of 9.0 mph was reached during the third repeat. 9.0 mph is a pace of 6:37/mile. There's no way I could keep that up for more than a brief moment. I've never run that fast of a mile in my entire life (my mile PR is 6:59).

I haven't pushed myself so hard since high school. Man, today's workout was tough. Tough but satisfying. Even though I felt like I was going to fall over at the completion of each interval, when I got done and walked over to my Weight Watchers meeting (conveniently located mere meters away!) I thought, That sure sucked while I was doing it but I feel pretty darn good about myself and my capabilities right now. Then I thought, Oh dear...eventually I will have to do, like, 8 of these...I'd only be half done at this point. Ugh.

Oh well. I do what I must in the name of running a sub-two hour half marathon, right?

In other news, I dropped another 1.4 pounds at WW and am now sitting on 62.2 lbs lost. Yeah! The quest for 75 lbs is still on!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog through Phedippidations, and I love it. I just love finding other folks who are as into running as I am (even though you are much faster than I am). Bummer about that 5K this weekend, geesh, I would have ranted, too. But I am glad you wrote about running to the track to do intervals, I've been considering adding this exact thing to my training but have never run intervals on the track before. I have a goal of breaking 2 hours for a half-marathon this year too, so I think I will give the run to track/track intervals workkout a try.