Saturday, October 4, 2008

Back Talk

I should talk about my clothes more often! I was going to post a response comment to my wardrobe post but it was getting longer and longer so I just said, heck with it, I'll just write a talkback post a la Viper (though with much less snark since I don't want to verbally abuse and alienate my handful of readers).

jd-- have a bazillion shirts from races... Yeah, I completely forgot about my race shirts! That's another post entirely. I have, like, HEAPS of them. They have completely taken over my T-shirt shelf in my closet. I even have a few from my high school cross country days that I've hung onto all these years. Sim Earich Invitational, Warren, Ohio, 1988 and 1989. YEAH! (we won, by the way.)

Fritz-- no, I don't have a spreadsheet tracking clothing vs. temperature. What do you think I am, some kind of nerd? ;) And you are coming back to MI at the wrong time, you know. Just in time for WINTER! And, also, I think you are right, I will have to master the "drink on the run" technique during the marathon. I may well end up splattered with liquid (hell, I do that under normal circumstances when I'm just sitting on the couch) but I won't be hauling an extra five pounds on my hips. My Gu packets will just have to get cozy inside my shorts.

Viper-- My winter arsenal is much smaller, and I just keep wearing the same clothes over and over until laundry day. That's 'cause you're a dude and dudes just don't care about clothes the same way as chicks. Or at least certain chicks. This chick, for one. I try to wear my stuff twice before it goes into the hamper. Any more than that and I can't stand my own stink, and since I can't outrun myself like I could outrun you and your stanky same-clothes-all-fortnight self, I have to get out fresh clothes every couple of days.

(Just kidding on the "I could outrun you" part since your half marathon PR is way better than mine though I think I still have the edge in the 5K department. But you probably still smell pretty bad by the end of the week.)

Mike-- Totally, when it comes to temperature it's all relative. 45 degrees feels like Antarctica right now but if it was 45 degrees in January I would probably be tempted to run in shorts. Or I would complain that it felt "too warm." I'm never happy.

Megan-- how do you carry water to drink if you don't have your hip pack? Or do you find water fountains? For all of my long runs this summer I have been spoiled. I either have water stops every two miles provided by my training group, or John is with me on his bike and carries water for me. I've never had to hunt for water. And if my run is less than 8 miles, I don't even worry about water (though I probably should).

do you mind if i point my running group here to look? Of course not-- the more the merrier, LOL!

i just realized something you may have forgotten - sports bras. I was going through my must have list. a good sports bra definitely makes the cut. Oh, I didn't forget-- I just didn't think everyone should be seeing my unmentionables. ;) But for the record, I am a huge fan of the Champion Seamless line (I have four of them, all exactly the same). I also have an InSport "DriTec" plain white bra which doesn't appear to be in their product lineup anymore. I'm fortunate to have Nearly No Boobs so I don't have to strap "the girls" down or hold them up with massive amounts of Lycra, so I can't offer any helpful suggestions for the bigger-bosomed lady runner. I'm definitely not ready to go all Katie Holmes when I run, however!

Nitmos-- I'm angry that you have reminded me of winter running though when I'm still wallowing in a state of seasonal denial. It was 31 degrees this morning. Denial will only get you so much further, my friend.

e-- Holy F do you have a lot of running stuff! And this from a guy with boxes of rocks in his garage... ;)

Bri-- Do you have specific temperature ranges for each outfit as I do, for example, under 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, etc. OF COURSE! Like, today, for instance, I decided to go with my "If You Look Good, You Feel Good" outfit which was perfect for the conditions (around 35 when I started just after 8:00, but warmed up to about 50 by the time it was over 2 hours later). I didn't wear the red hat, however, just my stretchy black Sugoi headband. I took off the gloves around mile 4 and the jacket around mile 10. And I just know it was the outfit which propelled me through my 14 miles in 1:58:30 (8:27 pace). Because when you look good, you feel good, and you run really good. (I know it should be "really well," and it nearly killed me to write "good" instead, but I wanted to stick with the theme. Forgive me, o grammar gods!)

I've had my kale-banana smoothie and now it's time to hit the shower. I have a busy afternoon of drinking beer for which to prepare! Why else do y'all think I run so much? So I can drink beer and eat pizza, of course! Physical fitness is just a pleasant side effect.


Anonymous said...

I had to break down and throw out one of my favorite race shirts this week (due to pit stains). My collection is now a bazillion minus one.

Spike said...

Thanks to race shirts I will never have to buy another t-shirt from a store. Sadly, my idea of "race shirt Christmans" (yes it is from a race you didn't run, yes it is a Men's Large, and yes, I am an awesome gift giver) was nixed.

tfh said...

A kale-banana smoothie?

That definitely earned you, like, three more beers.

Spike said...

I think, post marathons, Lil and I would enjoy meeting up with you and John.

Marcy said...

I'm totally with you on the Champion bras. Those are the shizzle! But then again, I could just strap duct tape around my nonexistent hooters and that would probably work great too.

jahowie said...

Those are very good reasons to run!! :-) Have fun!!